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Newco Distributors Adds Raised Right’s Food & Treats

Raised Right’s products were added into its California, Arizona, and Nevada territories.




(PRESS RELEASE) Newco Distributors, a leading pet product wholesale distributor that’s been serving the independent pet channel for more than 40 years, has added Raised Right’s products into its California, Arizona, and Nevada territories. Raised Right is a family-owned, human-grade pet food company that makes “home cooked style” whole food recipes that are lightly cooked, then frozen and served fresh. Raised Right also recently launched a line of single ingredient liver treats that are shelf stable, traceable to their source, and preservative free.

Raised Right works with renowned veterinarian Karen Becker and pet food formulation expert Steve Brown to create limited ingredient recipes that are low in carbs. Most of its recipes have less than 2 percent carbs because they don’t use fillers like potato, rice, yam, squash, oats, parsnips, or barley. Raised Right offers stage-of-life specific recipes where each recipe has a single source of animal protein and they don’t use any preservatives. They were able to formulate their adult dog recipes to meet AAFCO’s requirements for a complete and balanced diet using only whole foods with no added vitamins and minerals. There are only nine ingredients in the pork recipe, 10 ingredients in both the chicken and the turkey recipes, and 11 ingredients in the beef recipe.

“Our family’s roots in farming and ranching date back for centuries,” says Braeden Ruud, Raised Right’s co-founder and CEO. “While raising food for humans, we decided it’s time to provide the same quality of food for pets. We got into this business because of the massive outbreak of pet food contamination in 2007 — where thousands of pets had gotten sick and died. As a result of this, my mom started preparing freshly cooked food for our pets because she couldn’t find a pet food company that she could trust. This experience is what drives us to make the safest pet food possible.”

Raised Right takes safety very seriously. Every batch gets lab safety tested for E. coli, listeria and salmonella. The company has a hold-release program in which it does not ever ship its food unless it passes the lab safety test. For transparency, the company posts the results of these tests on its website for everyone to see, along with a map tracing all ingredients to their sources, and a video showing how the food gets made.

“As a family-owned business that supports independent retailers, Raised Right is a great fit with Newco,” says Scott O’Brien, president sales and marketing for Newco. “Raised Right is a true human-grade pet food company that is committed to stringent safety standards and transparency, we are very excited to carry their products.”




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