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Paw Prosper Acquires Pet Wheelchair Company K9 Carts

Founded in 1961, K9 Carts is “the original dog wheelchair” developed by Lincoln Parkes, a specialty orthopedic veterinarian.




Paw Prosper, a pet health and wellness platform, has acquired K9 Carts, a maker of pet wheelchairs.

“By adding K9 Carts to our portfolio of preventative, supportive and rehabilitative brands we are able to offer pets the next level of mobility support when they need it,” said Ryan DeCaire, CEO of Paw Prosper. “And we are honored to be able to build from the rich history and industry-wide reputation that comes with the K9 Carts brand to ensure we can help as many low-mobility pets as possible.”

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded in 1961, K9 Carts is “the original dog wheelchair” developed by Lincoln Parkes, a specialty orthopedic veterinarian.

More from the press release:

Through thoughtful innovation and design, the K9 Cart is perfectly balanced to relieve stress and pressure on the front legs and spine to help with mobility and recovery. Since its creation, the company has been consistently updating and innovating to engineer what is now the most lightweight wheelchair on the market. Dedicated to post-purchase care and customer service, K9 Carts guarantees a safe, comfortable fit for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

“As part of the Paw Prosper portfolio, we are excited to continue our legacy of improving the lives of low mobility pets. Now with Paw Prosper, our company can help more pets than ever before,” said Glenn Parkes, CEO of K9 Carts.

Paw Prosper is committed to ensuring a seamless transition for K9 Carts and its employees. Current customers of K9 Carts can expect uninterrupted service and support during this transition.

About Paw Prosper

Paw Prosper is focused on helping pets stay healthy, recover quickly and age gracefully. With a focus on truly efficacious solutions to the challenges of injury and aging, Paw Prosper aims to provide industry experts and pet parents alike with the products, tools and information they need to help pets overcome larger wellness challenges. Paw Prosper was established in 2022 and is based out of Denver, Colorado with an office in Toronto, Canada. For more information, go here.

About K9 Carts

Founded in 1961, K9 Carts is the original dog wheelchair and the only wheelchair available that is designed and engineered by an orthopedic veterinarian. Custom made in the USA and guaranteed to fit, the K9 Cart is fully adjustable and lightweight, making it easy to use and highly functional. For more information, go here.




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