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Pet Bereavement Leave Advocacy Petition Encourages Pet Loss Support to Enter Workforce Support Conversation

It’s already backed by corporations such as Directorie and Vet Billing.




(PRESS RELEASE) GAINESVILLE, FL — Erica Messer, the founder of the pet loss support company, Wolfie’s Wish, started her company with a commitment to developing and offering valuable and unique products, resources, and programs to aid in the healing process of pet loss grief for pet parents.

Erika Sinner, CEO of Directorie and author of Pets are Family, wholeheartedly believes that the introduction of Pet Bereavement Leave will positively impact the workplace environment, fostering a culture of empathy and understanding. Recognizing the emotional toll of pet loss will improve employee morale, loyalty, and productivity.

Together, they advocate for a pet bereavement leave policy that can alleviate the potential shame individuals may feel when requesting time off following the loss of a pet. By establishing structures for employees to take even just a single day off, coupled with the inclusion of Wolfie’s Wish cards, support can be extended to pet parents in acknowledging the reality of their grief, providing time off, and aiding in the processing of emotions.

Anticipating 50,000 signatures, the alliance of signatures from individuals and corporate leaders is necessary to ensure the collective plea for inclusion of Pet Bereavement Leave in the workplace policies of America’s businesses is seen and heard.

“Over the past few decades, we have witnessed the increased value and significant role that our pets’ play in our everyday life and emotional well-being. Our pets give us unconditional love without boundaries and expectations. When a loss occurs, it is only natural that we experience the same level of emotion and grief experienced with our human family members and friends. That loss should be recognized with equal compassion and understanding. Now is the time for employers to lead with empathy and understanding by recognizing the significance of pet loss in the daily workforce and build pet bereavement leave into their policies,” says Donna Shugart-Bethune, executive director, International Association of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories.

Already backed by corporations such as Directorie and Vet Billing, continued awareness of the petition and support for pet bereavement leave will encourage corporations everywhere to prioritize the well-being of pet parents during tough times.


For more information on Wolfie’s Wish and how you can support this petition, please visit To sign the petition, visit here.

About Wolfie’s Wish

Wolfie’s Wish is a company that has grown fast in five months. Erica Messer, a Tallahassee, FL. native, lost her cat to a tragic fall in October 2021 and printed the first edition of cards in December. Wolfie’s Wish also has a book available and a website with helpful resources. For more about Wolfie’s Wish, please visit

Erica is a board-certified pet bereavement specialist. After the sudden passing of her beloved cat, Wolfgang, she embarked on a journey to support fellow pet grievers through her pet loss support company Wolfie’s Wish.



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