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Bone Broth Butter, Fish Jiggles and 22 More New & Notable Pet Products

Get to shopping! Your customers are waiting for these new — or new to you — products.




SKOUT’S HONOR‘s new Probiotic Itch Relief Shampoo

Stop the Scratch

Powerful ingredients come together in SKOUT’S HONOR‘s new Probiotic Itch Relief Shampoo. The company’s proprietary and patent-pending probiotic blend has been scientifically proven to support skin health and prevent growth of harmful bacteria that cause itch, odor, shedding, hot spots and discomfort. The result: long-lasting itch relief for pets who suffer from chronic skin irritations.,


Bone Broth Butter from NUGGET’S HEALTHY EATS

Like Butter

A new option in the topper and spreadable product categories: Bone Broth Butter from NUGGET’S HEALTHY EATS. The company’s Signature Bone Brew simmers for days with organ meat atop the ingredient list, which also includes a proprietary premium blend of organic raw, fermented turmeric with ginger and kefir. In 12-ounce tubs. Exclusive to independent pet specialty and available through Pet Food Experts., (919) 622-2657




Petite Pets Get a Walk!

Because small animals like to get out and about, too … The HAPPY HABITATS Halo allows them to do exactly that. The patent-pending carrier fits securely around the exercise ball and features a carrying handle and magnetic kickout stands, allowing it to be used at home or on the go.,



Gettin’ Jiggle Wit It

Fish Jiggles from SOLUTIONS PET PRODUCTS come packed with myriad health benefits for dogs and cats. The sustainably sourced gelatin, thick with natural collagen and elastin, helps heal the digestive tract, connective tissues and organs. It also improves absorption and utilization of proteins as well as enhances skin, coat, joint, nail and gut health, plus much more. Cod liver and herring provide additional omega-3 and vitamins D and E, while the mango serves as a natural source of vitamin C to boost the gelatin’s healing benefits. Because Fish Jiggles are low calorie and highly satiating, customers can introduce them into the diet of overweight or sensitive pets without further contributing to metabolic or digestive disorders. In 1-pint and 1-quart cartons.,, contact distributor


CLEAR CONSCIENCE PET comes the Kelpy Chewz Beef Trachea

Boosted by Kelp

From CLEAR CONSCIENCE PET comes the Kelpy Chewz Beef Trachea. The plaque-fighting power of kelp boosts the existing dental benefits of grass-fed trachea. Artisan hardwood roasted and U.S. sourced. Gluten, grain and GMO-ingredient free. In 6-inch tubes and 2-inch rings., (239) 984-2705



So Fresh

STELLA & CHEWY’S introduces FreshMade for dogs, featuring human-grade whole foods gently sous-vide cooked in their own juices for a craveable taste and tender texture. Reviewed by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and made with 60% nutrient-rich meats and organs paired with healthy fruits, veggies, superfoods, botanicals and bone broth. Beefy-Licious, Chick-a-Lick’n, Gobblin’ Good and Meat-a-Palooza in 16-ounce BPA-free pouches.,


ANNAMAET’s popular and long-trusted Glycocharge powdered supplement

Recovery Chew

ANNAMAET’s popular and long-trusted Glycocharge powdered supplement now comes in a convenient soft-chew version. Formulated with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and backed by 40 years of experience with elite canine athletes, Recovery Chews are the ideal post-exercise treat for active and working dogs of varying degrees, appealing to a wide group of customers. Made in the U.S., and like all other Annamaet supplements carries the NASC Quality Seal. In 16 and 30 counts.,, (267) 382-0163



Sustainable & Supportive

With its Sustainable Eco-Friendly Dog Vest, BONNE ET FILOU helps the planet as well as war-torn Ukraine. Made in the country from 80% recycled materials, including fishing nets and plastic, the lightweight vest features zip protection to prevent hair from getting stuck, a reflective zip for safe walks, and durable waterproof and windproof material. In red, gray, purple, turquoise and orange, from XS to XL. A portion of each sale goes back to Ukraine to help pets affected by the war., (917) 979-5955



Save the Kelp

WE ARE NDEPENDENT partners with SeaTrees by Sustainable Surf for its new OCEAN line of single-ingredient, sustainably sourced pet treats. Available in Faroe Islands Blue Whiting, Newfoundland Whole Capeli and Cold Water Pollock Cutlets in FISH and in Nova Scotia Haddock and North Atlantic Cod Skins in SKINS, the company donates money for every bag produced to SeaTrees for the restoration of degraded kelp forests off the coast of Southern California., through Pet Food Experts and Packer Mellem


WEST PAW Creamy Dog Treats

Creamy Goodness

New WEST PAW Creamy Dog Treats make for a delicious treat on the go, topper for meals, and are the perfect fit for the company’s treat toys. In fact, you could bundle them with the new XL Toppl and West Paw’s “The Toy of Cooking” recipe book! Three flavors: Peanut Butter & Banana; Mixed Nut Butter, Blueberry & Chia; Mixed Nut Butter, Sweet Potato, Chia & Cinnamon., (800) 443-5567,



CLOUD STAR’s Wag More Bark Less Birthday Bites

Happy Birthday!

Add CLOUD STAR’s Wag More Bark Less Birthday Bites to your celebrations display. Gently baked with natural peanut butter and honey, then mixed with real fruit, they come in a cute and colorful bag holding 5 ounces of the soft treats. No artificial flavors or colors, baked in the U.S., contact local distributor



Fighting Food Waste

HEALTH EXTENSION takes imperfect-looking, human-grade ingredients that would have been thrown away and upcycles them into ImPawFect. The soft-baked treats for dogs contain more than 40% upcycled ingredients, including fresh, nutrient-dense fruits and veggies. In four functional recipes: Hip & Joint with turmeric to help reduce pain and inflammation; Digestion with fiber-rich pumpkin and digestive-supporting ginger; Immunity with antioxidant-packed blueberries and kale blended with chia, rich in protein omegas and fiber; and Training with tasty cran-apple or bacon flavor for a high reward. The 4-ounce bags are made from recycled materials., contact distributor


HAGEN’s new Catit Senses Mushroom

Magical Mushroom

Kitties will enjoy the trippy play provided by HAGEN’s new Catit Senses Mushroom. It features eight openings, from which feathers randomly pop out and stimulate cats to play. The toy can be set to motion-activated Sensor or Continuous mode to better customize by need and activity level. Winner of the Best New-to-Market Pet Product for Cats at SuperZoo this year., (800) 353-3444


Hiddin double feeders

So Stylish

Interior designer Tracey Butler creates modern pet furniture and accessories using the highest-quality clear lucite. Among the wide range of products in her HIDDIN line are single and double feeders in a variety of colors and sizes for dogs and cats. Handcrafted in the U.S.,


Pet-Releaf Hemp Oil

Calm for Kitties

For cats with situational or long-term stress, PET RELEAF introduces its Feline Stress Releaf Hemp Oil. With enhanced cat palatability and cat-friendly dosing, ingredients include organic catnip, organic MCT oil, organic ashwagandha, and USDA Organic full-spectrum hemp extract with CBD. Pet Releaf supports retailers with digital assets, regular communication, and visits.,, various distributors


3 in 1 Treat Tray from JOJO MODERN PETS

Who Wants a Treat Tray?

The 3 in 1 Treat Tray from JOJO MODERN PETS uses flexible, 100% FDA-approved food-grade silicone. Oven safe up to 446-degrees F., it also goes in the freezer and microwave, and can be used to make everything from treats and cakes to gelatin and candies. Nontoxic and free of BPA and PVC, odor and stain resistant. In paw and bone shapes that nest for easy storage. Perfect for your in-store bakeries and for customers who like to DIY.,, Faire and


cat coasters and hand towels from THE TINIEST TIGER: TRIPLE T STUDIOS.

Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

Looking for a few products to complete your holiday offerings for cat customers? Check out these cute cat coasters and hand towels from THE TINIEST TIGER: TRIPLE T STUDIOS. Owner Joanne McGonagle uses her zoology degree when creating cat-inspired designs, and her company supports a number of worthy programs, including the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Lion Guardians in Kenya, The Snow Leopard Trust and Mountain Lion Foundation.,


BOXIE  Eco cat litter

Farm to Box

The farmers who partner with BOXIE on its new Eco cat litter are local to the company’s Midwest facility and practice a sustainable farming method called conservation tillage, which promotes climate and soil health. Made of soft red wheat and perennial rye, Eco forms tight NatureClumps that stop odors completely, keeping the litter box clean and dry throughout use. The biodegradable litter and recyclable packaging complete a life cycle that proves gentler on the planet, making it perfect for customers looking for an eco-conscious, sustainable product that does not compromise on performance. In 6.5 and 16.5 pounds., (877) 817-0253 ext 2,


BEST BUDS BREW slow-cooked broth


Because dogs should be able to kick back with a cold one, too, BEST BUDS BREW offers slow-cooked broth made from pasture-raised beef-bone marrow. Delicious and nutritious, it has a one-year shelf life unopened and a resealable cap for refrigerating up to 14 days. The countertop display shipper contains four 12-ounce bottles of each flavor — Bacon Porter, Honey Blonde and Nutty Ambers — to encourage impulse buys., click on “Wholesale Sign Up”

$7.99 per bottle


WOLFIE’S WISH Affirmation Grieving Cards

Your Condolences

For your bereavement section: WOLFIE’S WISH Affirmation Grieving Cards for Pet Parents. Original, Illustrated and Gift sets help to heal hearts after pet loss, and are endorsed by counselors and therapists worldwide. Runner-up in the New Product Showcase Awards at SuperZoo this year.,, Faire


ROAM Ossy Trainers

Novel Protein

And now for a different kind of training treat: ROAM Ossy Trainers. Made from pure Western Cape Ostrich that comes from environmentally responsible-sourcing techniques, they help to preserve the planet’s resources while giving pets a low-calorie, high-protein, single-ingredient treat., contact distributor




NASC Media Spotlight

At first it was just an idea: Animal supplements needed the same quality control that human-grade supplements receive. But that was enough to start a movement and an organization —the National Animal Supplement Council — that would be dedicated to establishing a comprehensive path forward for the animal supplements industry. In this Media Spotlight interview, NASC’s president, Bill Bookout, talks to PETS+ interviewer Chloe DiVita about the industry today: Where it’s headed, what’s the latest focus and why it’s vital to gain the involvement of independent pet product retailers.

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