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Pet Honesty Supplements Now Available in PetSmart

The products also are available at Petco, Pet Supplies Plus, and at independent and specialty pet retailers nationwide and online.




(PRESS RELEASE) AUSTIN, TX — Pet Honesty commemorates its 5th anniversary this summer with the launch of its veterinarian-recommended and fan favorite pet health supplements at PetSmart, the number one pet retailer in the U.S. As a pioneer in the growing natural pet health supplement trend, Pet Honesty products are now showcased at the top three pet retailer stores in the country, which also include Petco and Pet Supplies Plus. Additionally, the brand enjoys widespread availability across independent and specialty pet retailers and Tractor Supply Company to help reach pet parents at 7,000 stores nationwide and online.

“Pet Honesty’s partnership with leading pet retailers is based on shared values and charitable commitments to pets. Their national reach accelerates our mission to help pet parents elevate their pet’s vitality for more joyful moments together,” said Richard Greenberg, CEO of Pet Honesty. “As pet parents trust and rely on leading pet retailers to offer convenient access to the best pet health options, both in-store and online, we are honored to be selected as a featured brand to meet the demand for natural, high-quality supplement ingredients, a pledge to avoid harmful additives, and label transparency.”

While Pet Honesty’s growth began with dog health supplements, the brand has expanded its innovation focus to include cat health supplements. PetSmart is the first retail partner to feature displays of Pet Honesty’s award-winning cat health supplements, which include Calming, Hairball Support, and Hip + Joint Health. These cat health supplements feature treats with dual texture, designed to deliver active ingredients while appealing to even the most finicky cats.

At PetSmart, customers can also find a wide range of fan favorite dog health supplements in a soft chew format, such as daily Multivitamins and targeted solutions for Digestion, Calming, Hip + Joint, Skin, and Allergy support.

Pet Honesty to Celebrate its Top Five Mission-Driven Milestones at SuperZoo


Pet Honesty will exhibit at SuperZoo, the largest annual North American pet retailer event, on Aug. 16 to 18 in Las Vegas. The brand will highlight its top five mission-driven milestones reached to commemorate five years of growth.

Milestone #1: Earned over 110,000 five-star reviews online from pet parents who reinforce Pet Honesty’s health supplements offer an effective, positive benefit for their pet’s targeted health support need. This vote of consumer confidence has helped Pet Honesty rank among the top pet health supplement brands in the U.S.

Milestone #2: Grew from two employees in 2018 to 47 full-time pet lovers in 2023. Every employee commits one day per quarter to volunteering at their local pet shelters through the brand’s Social Impact program. Guiding employees’ knowledge of pet health starts from within as the leadership team includes Dr. Greg Reinhart, who has a PhD in animal health and nutrition science and is a veteran leader in the pet health food industry.

Milestone #3: Donated in-kind donations valued at $1.05 million to 130 non-profit pet organizations in 36 states, increasing annual donations in conjunction with the brand’s sales growth. From its earliest days in Austin, Texas, Pet Honesty has provided donations to non-profit pet organizations across the country. The organizations serve rescue, adoption, and foster home support, and Pet Honesty is committed to continue to help supply their needs for essential pet health products.

Milestone #4: Introduced over 50 new pet supplement and health products innovations through the lens of the Pet Honesty Pledge. This involves a pledge for safe and natural ingredients, testing for proven efficacy results, and tastes that pets love. Pet Honesty grew from five products in 2018 to now offer an array of targeted health support products within eight core pet health need states. In response to cats’ equal health needs as dogs, the brand increased its investment in cat health to innovate a new format for its award-winning, dual texture cat supplements.

Milestone #5: Achieved rapid omnichannel growth, expanding to 7,000 retail stores nationwide. Since 2022, Pet Honesty has transformed from an exclusive ecommerce presence to building strategic partnerships with the top three pet retailers in the U.S. and independent and pet specialty retailer stores nationwide. This seamless expansion enables Pet Honesty to meet the diverse needs of pet parents seeking natural pet supplement options both in-store and online.


Attendees at SuperZoo can visit Pet Honesty at booth # 3913.

About Pet Honesty

Pet Honesty, a trusted leader in premium, natural pet health products, is on a mission to help pet parents elevate their pet’s vitality for more joyful moments together. Founded originally as an innovative e-commerce brand in 2018 and headquartered in Austin, TX, the company specializes in vet-recommended pet supplements providing functional pet health benefits backed by science and certified by NASC. Pet Honesty pledges to use natural base ingredients and premium active ingredients, and no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and formulated without wheat, soy or corn. All Pet Honesty products are made in an FDA-registered facility in the U.S.A. and are available for purchase online at, Amazon, and Chewy. The brand can also be found at national retailers such as PetSmart, Petco, Pet Supplies Plus, Tractor Supply Company, as well as at local specialty pet retailers. For personalized guidance and education about Pet Honesty products, visit and follow @PetHonesty on Instagram, Threads, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.



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