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Pet Nutrition Kitchens Launches Human-Grade Snack Brand

Brand was founded with the belief that what we feed our pets should be held to the same standards as the food we serve at own tables.




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(PRESS RELEASE) FENTON, MO — Pet Nutrition Kitchens has launched Kitchen Table, a 100% human- grade snack brand founded with the belief that what we feed our pets should be held to the same standards as the food we serve at own tables.

The Kitchen Table brand is launching with six unique recipes of smoked meat snacks for dogs. Every recipe is slow smoked to deliver strips that are higher in moisture and have a tender, real meat texture far different from comparable products in the pet industry today. “We wanted to set a new standard for how pet parents fed their pets between meals,” explained CEO Terry Richars. “We want to position these products as premium snacks and educate pet parents on the advantages of snacks over traditional treats fed to pets.”

Kitchen Table’s snack strips are crafted to give dogs energy between meals with consistent protein and fat levels from high-quality, human-grade ingredients. Each strip is made without the use of glycerin, starch or other low-quality ingredients that dilute nutritional content in favor of binding, preservative, and softening qualities. Only Kitchen Table offers smoked snacks that contain over 90% meat and retain the natural moisture, texture and aroma of the proteins being used without these ingredients.

Each strip is crafted in a 100% human-grade smokehouse in the heart of the Midwest using real hickory smoke and fresh proteins sourced from the US. These proteins are then infused with a nutrient-dense fruit or vegetable to create a unique flavor combination that pet parents will recognize from meals served at their own tables.

Kitchen Table will be launching exclusively with pet specialty retailers around the U.S. and has partnered with Astro Loyalty and Indiepet to bring exclusive benefits to pet parents who shop local.

About Pet Nutrition Kitchens

Pet Nutrition Kitchens is headquartered in Fenton, MO. For all inquires, please contact




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