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Petco to Shut Down Drs. Foster and Smith, Eliminating 289 Jobs

The closure takes effect Feb. 12.




Petco is shutting down its Drs. Foster and Smith business, a catalog and online retailer of pet supplies.

The closure, taking effect Feb. 12, means the loss of 289 jobs in Rhinelander, WI, the Star Journal reports.

Petco will maintain its Live Aquaria business, which has 59 employees, in Rhinelander.

Employees of Drs. Foster and Smith will see their employment end in 60 to 120 days, the company said.

The Star Journal quoted a company statement: “Taking into account the needs of modern pet parents, shifting consumer preferences and the ongoing evolution of the Petco brand, we believe this will enable us to streamline operations and better focus on our core business and customer.”

The company continued: “This decision has not been an easy one, nor has it been made lightly, and we appreciate that it has a very real effect on both individuals and the broader community in Rhinelander.”


Petco purchased the Drs. Foster and Smith business in 2015.

Read more at the the Star Journal

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