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Petcubes Introduces ‘Veterinary Support Diet’ Range For Dogs

Formulas include ketogenic and renal support diets.




(PRESS RELEASE) SINGAPORE — PetCubes, a leading innovator in the fresh pet food industry, announces the launch of its revolutionary ‘Veterinary Support Diet’ range. These specially formulated diets harness the power of fresh, whole ingredients to support the therapy and well-being of dogs with specific health conditions, including, but not limited to kidney disease, cancer, pancreatitis, and digestive issues. Trialled in collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic, the Veterinary Support Diet offers a breakthrough alternative to traditional specialty diets, providing pet owners with a fresh, nutritious solution to support their dogs’ health.

As the traditional options of dry kibble and moist canned food continue to dominate the market, pet owners are increasingly seeking a third alternative that provides the benefits of the veterinary diets but in a more palatable, fresh format. PetCubes has developed four meticulously formulated ‘Gently Cooked’ frozen fresh targeted diets, designed to support the therapy and recovery of dogs suffering from ailments and allergies.

Dr. Francis Cabana, director of nutrition at PetCubes and a renowned PhD wildlife nutritionist, spearheaded the development of the four Veterinary Support Diets. With extensive expertise and a passion for improving the lives of animals, Dr. Cabana formulated each diet to meet the specific nutritional needs of dogs with different health conditions, while maintaining the internationally recognized nutrient requirement standards of AAFCO. Pet owners are advised to consult their veterinarians to determine which diet is best suited for their dog’s unique health needs as the diets in this range is only sold via prescription from PetCubes’ veterinary partners.

The Veterinary Support Diet range comprises four distinct diets, each catering to specific health issues:

1. Ketogenic Diet

Supports a dog’s ketone energy metabolism, nourishes the immune system, detox pathways, and contains functional foods with nutrigenomic potential. This diet has been trialed on dogs suffering from cancer. Current scientific literature has also demonstrated the benefits of a ketogenic diet for dogs suffering from health issues including but not limited to diabetes and epilepsy.


2. Renal Support Diet

Designed for dogs with declining kidney function, this diet features high-quality protein, low phosphorous and sodium levels, and high potassium content. This diet was trialed on dogs suffering from chronic kidney disease.

3. Pancreas Support Diet

Trialed on and developed to assist dogs with pancreatitis, this easily digestible, low-fat diet is controlled in soluble carbohydrates and supplemented with digestive enzymes.

4. Digestive Support Diet

Tailored for dogs with sensitive digestive systems and chronic diarrhoea, this diet contains a novel protein source and high soluble fibres to soothe and support gut health. This diet was trialed on dogs with chronic diarrhoea, which is often a symptom of IBD.


“Pet owners are increasingly interested in fresh food diets that provide optimal nutrition and support their pets’ specific health conditions,” says Dr Francis Cabana, who formulated the PetCubes Veterinary Support diet. “Our formulas have undergone rigorous trials to ensure efficacy, meet all dietary requirements and are optimised for dogs with these health conditions, aiding in their recovery by behaving synergistically with their existing diets and treatments.” he continues.

PetCubes’ Veterinary Support Diets stand out for their focus on preserving the bioavailability of proteins and micronutrients. These diets use human consumption grade ingredients to ensure the utmost quality and nutritional value for dogs. By exclusively using whole foods and natural supplements, each ingredient is carefully selected based on its specific nutrients and health benefits. These diets do not contain any cheap or filler ingredients, providing a safe and nutritionally balanced option for dogs. Additionally, they complement the existing range of processed veterinary diets, making them a valuable addition to support overall pet health.

The Veterinary Support Diet range by PetCubes presents a diverse selection of proteins, such as beef, chicken, pork, and kangaroo meats, ensuring a range of delicious options that suit various palates and address allergies. The cube-shaped meals streamline feeding routines, enabling pet owners to effortlessly provide precise portions. With the use of state-of-the-art blast freezing technology, the nutritional benefits of the ingredients are preserved, eliminating the need for preservatives, and preventing oxidation and bacterial growth that can occur in open packages of fresh diets. This ensures the quality and freshness of the meals while maintaining their inherent nutritional value. The functional foods in this diet were also meticulously chosen for their nutrigenomic potential and antiangiogenic properties – with documented abilities to upregulate the expression of cancer-fighting or cancer-preventing genes and downregulate cancer-promoting genes. Committed to environmental conservation, PetCubes employs curbside recyclable packaging, demonstrating their dedication to minimising their carbon footprint.

Safety and transparency are core values at PetCubes. All meals are prepared at their Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) approved facility. High-speed machines and high barrier seals ensure that each meal is individually packed and sealed, preserving freshness and quality.

PetCubes’ Veterinary Support Diets are available exclusively through licensed veterinarians and are not sold directly without prescription. Pet owners can find a list of veterinary partners on PetCubes’ website and consult with them to determine the most suitable diet for their dog’s health condition. The veterinary partners may require a consultation or review of the dog’s latest blood reports to ensure the diets are appropriate and can support their recovery.

For more information on the Veterinary Support Diet range, please visit




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