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Primal Pet Foods Fact Sheet

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IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Primal Pet Foods’ new Gently Cooked line of complete and balanced meals are prepared using the sous vide cooking method to maintain the integrity and bioavailability of the nutrients. The new frozen offering features six recipes for dogs and cats. And to make it easier for pet parents to add more fresh and raw food to their dog’s diet, Primal also recently introduced Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto with recipes formulated for adult dogs and puppies.

WHAT MAKES THIS PRODUCT SPECIAL? Primal offers real whole-food nutrition with no synthetic vitamins or minerals, and no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Gently Cooked and Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto are two convenient options for fresh and raw feeders who want to try something new.

WHAT THEY’RE KNOWN FOR: A pioneer in the raw and freeze-dried pet food categories, Primal Pet Foods has been committed to elevating the health of pets through species appropriate nutrition since 2001.

RETAILER REVIEW: “The Primal Pet Foods offerings have been both a complement and an asset to our store offering. The addition of their Gently Cooked and Freeze Dried Pronto has catapulted both those already, rapidly growing categories for us.” — Mike Palmer, Owner, Premier Pet, Detroit, MI

From left to right:
1. Gently Cooked frozen meals for dogs and puppies are available in an 8oz. package ($7.98) containing two 4oz. pouches, and Gently Cooked for cats are available in a 4oz. package ($4.48).

2. Freeze-Dried Raw Pronto recipes formulated for adult dogs and puppies make feeding raw easier than ever, available in three sizes: 7oz. ($19.98), 16oz. ($39.98) and 25oz. ($59.98).

3. Gently Cooked Variety Pack for adult dogs is available in a 3lb package ($34.98), which contains 12 individually wrapped pouches, four of each canine recipe, and Gently Cooked Variety Pack for cats is available in a 1lb package ($14.98), which contains four pouches, two of each recipe.

Download the Fact Sheet here.


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