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Report: Fish, Small Mammal, Herptilec and Bird Market Builds on Pandemic Gains

In 2022, U.S. sales of products for pets other than dogs and cats increased despite economic pressures on pet owners.




(PRESS RELEASE) ROCKVILLE, MD – In 2022, US sales of products for pets other than dogs and cats (including fish, small mammals, reptiles/amphibians, and birds) increased despite economic pressures on pet owners, building on the strong base established over the previous two years, as discussed in Packaged Facts’ new report, Fish, Small Mammal, Herptile, and Bird Products in the US, 4th Edition. Although the 7% growth in 2022 was slower than the double-digit increases of 2020 and 2021, when the number of households owning pets other than dogs and cats reached an all-time high, the increase drove sales in the market to approach $3.5 billion. Packaged Facts expects 2023 sales (including sales through brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers) to reach $3.6 billion, reflecting a moderated 4% increase for the year.

Unlike in the rest of the retail pet product market, the pet specialty channel accounts for the largest share of sales at 60% in 2022, due in large part to these stores stocking a much wider array of products for other pets. Online sales make up a smaller portion of the market as well, at 20%, at least partially because of complications with shipping larger habitats and enclosures. By animal type, fish make up the largest share of the market, at 43%, followed by small mammals, herptiles, and birds.

Prolonged inflationary conditions have taken a toll on other pet owners, with Packaged Facts survey data from February 2023 showing that the economic environment had negatively affected 31% of other pet owners’ ability to buy non-essentials and pay monthly bills. On a more positive note, 47% of other pet owners increased their spending on their pets in 2022 compared to 2021, and 51% indicated that the cost involved with setting up habitats/tanks for other pets was reasonable. Based on all these and other factors, Packaged Facts projects that the market for products for pets other than dogs and cats will continue to grow at a moderate pace through 2027.

Two of the top trends driving growth in the other pet market include an increased focus on natural foods and eco-friendly supplies, and a drive to encourage more natural behaviors in other pets. Behind both of these trends, however, is the pet owner sentiment that their pets other than dogs and cats are part of the family. Despite the continued economic pressures facing pet owners, Packaged Facts projects the market for products for other pets will continue to grow at a moderate pace through 2027, with key opportunities including the affordability of other pets, premium foods, and environmentally friendly products.



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