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Scout & Zoe’s Announce Collaboration on Feline-Approved Novel Protein Cat Food Toppers

It has teamed up with Catazztic.




(PRESS RELEASE) LAS VEGAS — Scout & Zoe’s, the original pioneer of incorporating novel proteins into pet food and treats has teamed up with Catazztic, a growing player in the industry, to offer a new original line of cat food toppers for cat lovers everywhere.

This united effort includes blending novel proteins with “Nooch,” a delicious cheesy-tasting nutritional yeast which is not only designed to aid in your kitty’s digestion, but is also a complete protein source in itself. What else makes these treats and food toppers so “Larvae-able”? Black Soldier Fly Larvae, a safe and highly nutritious source of protein and key anti-inflammatory fats.

The flavor combinations offered in this new product line for cats were formulated by certified pet nutritionists, so that pet parents can be confident that not only are they purchasing a product they know Mr. Whiskers will find extra tasty, but they’re also contributing to their pet’s overall health and longevity – just one more way we express the love we have for our pets.

Cindy Dunston Quirk, Scout & Zoe’s Founder and “Leader of the Pack,” states: ”We are so excited to bring these NOOCH-ritious products to life. Little house lions everywhere can only benefit from the partnership between Scout & Zoe’s and Catazztic! Developing this “novel” new line of cat-centric novel proteins has truly been a labor of love. I’m proud to help introduce a line of exceptional quality food toppers and treats which will not only entice even the most picky felines to eat with gusto, but help their digestion and thereby contribute to a happier, healthier kitty.”

Catazztic Founder and President, Tazz Latifi, with a national reputation for nutritional expertise for cats and dogs, says: “I had been thinking about creating a line of cat treats that were nothing like what is available in the marketplace. I wanted the treats to be highly nutritious while also being fun. Most importantly, the treats have to provide cats with a sensory connection to the food reward. I knew exactly what I wanted – a very different and sustainable protein source that encouraged cat
parents to think about their cat’s needs as obligate carnivores and natural born hunters, a goal that Catazztic was able to accomplish through its partnership with Scout & Zoe’s.”

Scout & Zoe’s and Catazztic initial product line for cats include the following flavor offerings:

  • Salmon, Larvae + Nooch
    (Ingredients: Salmon, Black Soldier Fy Larvae, Nooch)
  • Lamb Lung, Larvae + Nooch
    (Ingredients: Lamb Lung, Black Soldier Fy Larvae, Nooch)
  • Larvae + Nooch
    (Ingredients: Black Soldier Fy Larvae, Nooch)

Each of these nutritious, delicious food toppers are made with sustainable ingredients, never include chemicals, unnatural ingredients or junk fillers, and are cat tested and kitty approved.

About Scout & Zoe’s

Dedicated to creating the yummiest treats in the universe for the world’s most deserving pets, Scout & Zoe’s is best known for their innovative work with novel proteins and invasive species. From treats utilizing novel proteins to all types of chews, Scout & Zoe’s makes products for all species of pets. Consisting of nothing but simple, sustainable, environmentally friendly ingredients, all a pet parent needs to add is love. For more information, visit here.

About Catazztic

10 years ago and after more than a year of feline taste-testing, Catazztic was born to bring amazing, tasty, highly nutritious food to your cat’s table. Formulated as a line of home-cooked, nutritious, frozen cat food, their highly palatable formulas meet or exceed all The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and Nutrient Requirements of Dogs & Cats (NRC) requirements.



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