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SNIFF ‘N’ SEEK Opens in NYC as Canine ‘Barn Hunt’ Venue for Dogs

The fastest-growing canine sport comes to Manhattan, where dogs seek hidden objects in bales of hay in timed trials.





(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – Calling all dogs and their owners. Embark on a thrilling adventure that pairs your dog’s natural instincts with a unique bonding opportunity. Team up with your canine to connect in a sport that engages and exhausts your dog more than any walk. And feel the electricity of the Westminster ring, as a participant, competitor or spectator.

That’s the spirit behind SNIFF ‘N’ SEEK, New York’s first indoor venue for Barn Hunting, a popular adaptation of hide-and-seek for dogs that is the fastest growing canine sport in America. Barn Hunt is recognized by the American Kennel Club, which hosts certified Barn Hunt events for AKC Members.

New York’s first-ever SNIFF ‘N’ SEEK Sniff ‘N Seek is located at 307 East 92nd Street on Manhattan’s East Side.

“Work the Nose”

Dogs train at SNIFF ‘N’ SEEK by ‘working their nose’ — using their extraordinary sense of smell to find hidden objects concealed in bales of hay. This creates an exciting and mentally stimulating challenge for them. It is a timed trial and dogs immediately get when they enter the ring that they have a job. The sport has been likened to “pickleball for dogs” but it’s also an activity that allows domesticated canines to engage in much-needed work exercises. SNIFF ‘N’ SEEK develops a dog’s mastery and confidence, while deepening the connection with its owner.


SNIFF ‘N’ SEEK is the creation of New York entrepreneur Jenny Carragher, a former JP Morgan executive who has also worked with companies in data analytics. She is also the owner of a nine-year-old Italian greyhound named Felix.

“I have watched Felix transform with Barn Hunt training from a skittery and reserved city dog to a confident and focused companion, who was excited to work and use his natural scent-sniffing skills,” Ms. Carragher explains. “After watching Felix enjoy the experience so thoroughly and come away with a new calm afterwards, I thought the concept of barn hunting would be perfect for other city dogs who don’t get nearly enough opportunity to engage in hunting-like play. I opened SNIFF ‘N’ SEEK for the more than 500,000 dogs in NYC and their owners, to enhance their relationship with one another and find a new joy in barn hunting together. Plus, it’s really fun.”

Noted dog trainer Eva Fowler, author of Barn Hunt: A Game of Hide & Seek for Dogs, offers her own perspective on the launch of SNIFF ‘N’ SEEK: “I’ve been mentoring Jenny Carragher for some time on the finer points of barn hunting and am super excited that New York’s large population of dogs and dog owners can finally avail themselves of a genuine barn hunting facility for the first time. The team has worked super hard to create a first-rate facility easily accessible in Manhattan. I can’t wait to see how much New Yorkers and their dogs fall in love with this sport, and see their dogs transform before their eyes!”


This innovative sport and mastery game harnesses your dog’s fundamental instincts:

  1. Give your over-domesticated pet a ‘job’ and watch your dog transform before your eyes: See your dog develop and grow before your eyes – using its natural instincts and drive to hunt reclaim natural independence and problem-solving skills. Watch your dog’s searching and hunting abilities come to the forefront as they use their keen sense of sell to uncover hidden treasures.
  2. Teamwork and Bonding: While engaged in a barn hunt, you’ll learn to read your dog’s telltale cues and body language, providing praise and encouragement as the hunt unfolds This greatly strengthens your trust with each other and emotional connection.
  3. Confidence Building for Reactive and Shy Dogs: Your dog will love developing a sense of mastery and accomplishment. He or she will be so proud of a job well done and revel in both its independence and scent mastery.
  4. Nose Work: Stimulate your dog’s brain & body: Awaken your dog’s instincts, and develop its mind & body wellness. Challenge your dog, and watch it transform and grow.

What to Expect

  • Thrills and Exhaustion: Your dog will be thrilled by the challenge and, after a session at Sniff ‘N Seek, will be happily exhausted and content.
  • Enhanced Communication: Through teamwork, you’ll develop better communication and trust with your dog, strengthening your bond.
  • Inclusive for All breeds: No previous training is needed, accessible to every dog and owner.

How It Works

Dogs and handlers work together as a team to locate rodent-scented objects hidden among bales of hay. This sport challenges the mental capabilities of dogs while reinforcing the trust and teamwork between dogs and their owners.


Sniff ‘N Seek is not just a game; it’s an experience that fosters a stronger connection between dogs and their owners. Our mission is to provide an engaging and stimulating environment for dogs while helping owners develop a deeper understanding and connection with their animals.



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