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Spot and Purina Have Teamed Up to Nourish Pets and Support Their Health

Spot is offering eligible Purina subscribers a strategic partner discount of up to 10% and a 10% multi-pet discount on all additional pets.




(PRESS RELEASE) MIAMI — Spot Pet Insurance and Purina share a commitment to the health and happiness of pets and their people that goes beyond Purina’s nutrition and the coverage options that Spot offers. Pets are important four-legged members of the family. We’ve teamed up to help pets live healthier, happier lives by understanding what pets deserve and pet parents need.

To better help pet parents, Spot is offering eligible Purina subscribers a strategic partner discount of up to 10% and a 10% multi-pet discount on all additional pets. Learn more by clicking here.

The partnership kicks off to reach pet owners across the Purina family of brands. “We are thrilled to partner with Purina, a company that fuels beloved pets as they get their zoomies out, bark at squirrels or simply enjoy cuddle time,” says Spot CEO Trey Ferro “This partnership will help pets lead fuller lives.”

“Proper pet nutrition with the help of Purina, and the help finding peace of mind that comes with a Spot plan are priceless,” continues Ferro. “Together with Purina, we’re excited to create and nurture communities of healthier pet families. The pet insurance plan options that Spot offers can help families focus on care, not cost.”

“Working together with partners like Spot enables Purina to help pet owners provide the best possible care to their pets, from filling their bowls with high-quality nutrition, to ensuring they have the veterinary care they need to thrive,” said Nathan Marafioti, vice president of new business models at Purina.

Reward pets with the support they deserve to live happier, healthier lives through Purina nutrition and customizable pet insurance coverage options provided by Spot.

About Spot

Spot believes pets make us better humans. We support pet parents and their furry family members, from wet noses to waggy-tail, with extensive product options, services, and plans. Spot provides high quality, pet-centric plan options and first-class customer service. We believe that pet wellness benefits our well-being, and we’re committed to helping pets lead happier, healthier lives. To learn more about Spot or follow us on social media, please visit: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube

About Purina

Nestlé Purina PetCare creates richer lives for pets and the people who love them. Founded in 1894, Purina has helped dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives by offering scientifically based nutritional innovations.

Purina manufactures some of the world’s most trusted and popular pet care products, including Purina Cat Chow, Purina ONE, Pro Plan, Fancy Feast and Tidy Cats. Our more than 8,700 U.S. associates take pride in our trusted pet food, treat and litter brands that feed 51 million dogs and 65 million cats every year. More than 500 Purina scientists, veterinarians, and pet care experts ensure our commitment to unsurpassed quality and nutrition. Purina promotes responsible pet care through our scientific research, our products and our support for pet-related organizations.

Over the past five years, Purina has contributed more than $150 million towards organizations that bring, and keep, people and pets together, as well as those that help our communities and environment thrive. Purina is part of Nestlé, a global leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness. For more information, visit or subscribe here to get the latest Purina news.



NASC Media Spotlight

At first it was just an idea: Animal supplements needed the same quality control that human-grade supplements receive. But that was enough to start a movement and an organization —the National Animal Supplement Council — that would be dedicated to establishing a comprehensive path forward for the animal supplements industry. In this Media Spotlight interview, NASC’s president, Bill Bookout, talks to PETS+ interviewer Chloe DiVita about the industry today: Where it’s headed, what’s the latest focus and why it’s vital to gain the involvement of independent pet product retailers.

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