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The Dog Gurus Collaborate with Blue-9

Aim is for the advancement of dog daycare enrichment programs.




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – The Dog Gurus, the pet industry experts that help pet care businesses launch, grow and profit, have teamed up with Blue-9 to help dog daycares and caretakers expand their programs of enrichment for their clients. Both the Dog Gurus and Blue 9, the makers of professional-grade training platforms, are excited to share their expertise and skills in enrichment for dogs.

Dogs thrive when challenged mentally and physically, and at times variety in their daily activities sometimes gets overlooked. When a dog’s routine becomes the “same old, boring routine,” then both the daycare staff and clients become bored as well. One of the ways to get out of a monotonous schedule of the same activities is to introduce the “Trick of the Month” program. “The Trick of the Month program is available as a joint venture between Blue-9 and The Dog Gurus and can be found here. “The Trick of the Month” is a one-time purchase that gives your facility everything it needs to learn, teach and develop a new trick with their clients every month.

Fitness is also an important aspect to enriching a dog’s life, but safety is a major factor in incorporating fitness programs in the daily activities at a daycare facility. “I know in the past I have not wanted daycare facilities to do a ton of fitness because I feel like you have to know a little bit about keeping the dog safe if you’re going to do a lot of fitness,” says Robin Bennett, founder and owner of The Dog Gurus “But I think there’s a lot of simple activities you can do, especially with the new product from Blue-9” – The Propel Air Platform. The Propel Air Platform is a user-friendly platform that comes with a comprehensive training kit that allows for a dog to maintain proper form and paw placement.

The Propel Air Platform isn’t just for seasoned, trained to balance dogs. The Propel Air Platform has different height and skill levels, including a great starting place for beginners or elderly dogs. “This piece of equipment is much lower to the ground than a lot of other equipment. You can make it much more stable when you’re first getting started with those dogs that are, maybe are a little bit more afraid or don’t have as great coordination,” demonstrates Jamie Popper of Blue-9. “So it’s a much safer piece of equipment when you’re first getting started.”

The full conversation with Robin Bennett, Susan Briggs, and Jamie Popper about enhancing dogs’ enrichment can be found here.

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The Dog Gurus is the #1 in staff training and business consulting group for the pet care industry. The co-founders, Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs are passionate about helping pet care companies launch, grow and profit. For more information visit here..



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