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The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Introduces Pup-POP Birthday Water

An all-natural, fun and festive hydration solution, Pup-POP comes with a promise to bring the “dog birthday party” phenomenon to an entirely new level!





(PRESS RELEASE) SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. announces its latest product, Pup-POP. An all-natural, fun, and festive hydration solution, Pup-POP comes with a promise to bring the “dog birthday party” phenomenon to an entirely new level.

Since 2001, The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. has been fostering the belief that our furry friends deserve nothing but the best. And now, they are taking the concept of a “dog birthday party” to the next level with the introduction of Pup-POP, Birthday Water.

Pup-POP is ‘YIP, SIP, HOORAY!’ condensed into an innovative, dog-safe beverage that transforms any ordinary day into a veritable celebration. We created Pup-POP to offer a hydrating, non-carbonated beverage for dogs that boasts the added charm of a delectable, light vanilla flavor. This revolution is set to reignite how dog owners amplify their pets’ festive spirits.

“Pup-POP is a celebration hydration for dogs that brings the party to their water bowl,” says Amy Augustine, founder of The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. “Made with 100% dog-safe ingredients, this non-carbonated, lightly flavored filtered water will have your dog slurping for more.”

Imaginatively crafted, Pup-POP can also be used as a tasty water mix in our much-adored Bake-at-Home cake or the Make-at-Home ice cream recipes. Unlock a new realm of flavors for your pooch and meticulously enhance their celebratory feasting.

Our dedication to using high-quality, natural ingredients, ensures we strike a perfect balance between taste and health, making Pup-POP the ultimate revamp of the age-old concept of a “dog birthday party”. With the love and care poured into the creation of this product, Pup-POP is set to make every pet’s birthday celebration extra special.

About The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.

The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. has been a trailblazer in the pet food industry since 2001, propelled by a passion for creating products with health and happiness at their core. With their latest product, Pup-POP, their commitment to crafting wholesome, innovative, and exciting treats continues, making every day a celebration in the life of our furry friends.



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