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Toplife Launches Puppuccino For Dogs

The easy-to-froth goats’ milk lets owners treat their dog while they sip their own milky drink of choice.




Puppuccino pet milk-200ml-front

(PRESS RELEASE) Leading pet specialist TopLife has developed an easy-to-froth goats’ milk so that owners can treat their dog while they sip their own milky drink of choice.

Already a popular option at cafes and drive-thrus, the 200ml carton allows dog owners to treat their pet to a drink in the comfort of their own home.

Made with digestible goats’ milk it can be poured straight from the carton and whisked into a foamy serving from a cup or bowl.

Historically breeders have long been using goats’ milk as an important part of their dogs’ diets thanks to its digestibility and nutritional content.

Ed Salt, TopLife said, “TopLife celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and our expertise and knowledge in the pet milk market makes us well placed for innovation and new product development.

“The Puppuccino will appeal to pet owners who treat their dogs as a part of the family and enjoy sharing occasions with them. After a Sunday morning walk now, they can whisk up some milk and both enjoy a frothy treat.”


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