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Waggz Transforms Grooming Equipment Standards with Medical-Grade Tech

The company has redesigned virtually every feature on grooming tables and tubs.




(PRESS RELEASE) LOS ANGELES – Waggz, Inc. has swiftly become a transformative force in the pet grooming industry. To date, the equipment manufacturer has launched 18 medical-grade grooming products, which elevate safety standards to unprecedented levels, never before seen in the grooming industry.

See Waggz’s entire catalog of medical-grade grooming equipment.

Waggz has redesigned virtually every feature on grooming tables and tubs; no component was left untouched. Even the design and testing phases were different: Waggz is known for its collaborative process and adopting feedback from real, working groomers.

First-Ever Features and Medical-Grade Materials

Waggz is the first and only grooming equipment brand to follow medical-grade standards. Since their launch, the company has consistently challenged the status quo, bringing the same high-end materials and patented mechanisms trusted by hospitals into the pet grooming workspace.

Even better, these new standards don’t just apply to a handful of luxury products; Waggz uses elevated materials across the entire catalog.

  • Roll-Bright LED Grooming Table: Everything, all in one: medical-grade wheels, two sets of IPX6 waterproof foot pedals, tintable and dimmable LED lights, soft-close drawers, and integrated power outlets. It’s getting a lot of buzz on social media, and grooming influencers have dubbed it the ‘Rolls-Royce of grooming tables’!
  • Store-Low Grooming Table: Like all Waggz electric grooming tables and tubs, this 50-inch table also has a Linak medical-grade actuator, patented push rod lift, and built-in stabilizers. Groomer-focused features include soft-close metal drawers and IPX6 waterproof foot pedals on both sides of the table.
  • Roll-Light Grooming Table: Re-organize your workspace and lock all four medical-grade wheels simultaneously with a built-in foot brake – exactly like the ones used on hospital beds. This compact 44-inch drying table also has a built-in portable battery that can lift and lower the table up to 25 times on a single charge.
  • Step-Low Grooming Table: The full-size 50-inch table is Waggz’s most minimalistic style, and it compresses down to 11.5 inches off the floor. Fully redesigned grooming arms have a telescoping shape that lifts up from the top of the table, rather than extending underneath, and the clamp is robotically welded into position for enhanced stability.
  • Charge-Bright LED Grooming Table: This is Waggz’s streamlined LED table with upgraded lights that are housed under an ultra-thick frosted glass top and silicone top mat. Waggz LEDs are guaranteed for 20,000 hours with a special warranty, and simple control buttons make it easy to change tints and brightness while you work.
  • Power Electric Grooming Tubs: Waggz also launched two brand-new electric grooming tubs: Power-Lift with a lift-out door, and Power-Slide with a sliding entrance. Essentially, groomers can customize and build their perfect Power tub with two door styles, two powder-coated base colors, and the option to upgrade to a 60-inch XL size.
  • Roll-Lift Stationary Tub: Waggz completely redesigned the stationary grooming tub, too. No other grooming tub on the market offers medical-grade wheels with a locking foot brake on the pull-out stairs. This exclusive Waggz upgrade makes it even safer for dogs to walk up the stairs and enter the tub while everything is locked in place.
    Manufacturing: Patented Technology for Pet Groomers

Waggz has a specialized factory that is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, leading retail chains, and hospital equipment brands. The 100,000-square-meter facility is staffed by more than 1,000 employees and has developed more than 200 patents.

This level of advanced technology, robotic welding, and automated testing gives Waggz an advantage over competitors who are struggling with supply chain and QC issues. By designing, manufacturing, testing, and shipping in house, Waggz can exceed industry standards at every step – from conception to customer service.

The patented, high-powered push rod is Waggz’s most notable safety feature, and no other brand has it. Unlike traditional lift mechanisms that used tracks and open wheels, this innovative push rod glides across an internal track of ball bearings.

Because it’s fully sealed, the patented mechanism prevents the build-up of hair, dirt, and dander, circumventing common safety issues that have plagued traditional grooming table lifts. Together with a robotically welded, reinforced X-frame, Waggz tables and tubs are guaranteed to hold strong with an impressive 265-pound weight capacity.

Marketplace: Pet Grooming Supplies from Brand Partners

Waggz caters to a diverse range of professionals and enthusiasts, offering a hand-picked selection of grooming products and equipment from reputable brands. Groomers can order best-selling grooming tools and supplies in one convenient checkout form, including Bio-Groom, K9, Alpha Grooming Tools, Geib, Andis, XPOWER, and more.


From grooming shears to clippers, bathing tubs, and pet dryers, Waggz’s end-to-end grooming tools shop is a reliable source of quality and innovation.

Mackensie Murphy, GroomTeam USA Member, Joins Waggz

On January 1, 2024, Waggz proudly announced that Mackensie Murphy is Waggz’s exclusive, elite grooming ambassador. As a GroomTeam USA member and second-generation groomer, Murphy is passionate about raising standards in the grooming community. Mackensie’s collaboration with Waggz signifies a shared commitment to excellence and a desire to connect with and teach a wider audience.

Waggz has transformed the grooming equipment landscape, offering unparalleled safety, innovation, and convenience for groomers of all levels. As the industry continues to evolve, Waggz stands at the forefront, redefining expectations and setting a new standard for excellence.

A company spokesperson said, “Waggz products are backed by a 3-year tiered warranty that no one else can match, and groomers feel the quality difference immediately. We’re here to transform the grooming industry, and this is only the beginning. Even more groundbreaking grooming products are in development that we’ll be announcing later this year.”

Waggz Announces Star-Studded Presence at Groom Expo West 2024


Waggz promises a strong start to the 2024 grooming competition season with free contest critiques, exclusive tradeshow promotions, personal demos, and expert advice from grooming celebrities in booth #616 at Groom Expo West in Pasadena, California.

Explore Waggz’s medical-grade grooming equipment before the show.

Plan Your Visit: Booth #616 Waggz Show Sponsor

Waggz is a proud sponsor of Groom Expo West – the West Coast’s most illustrious grooming show with seminars, tradeshow booths, and competitions, including the World Cup Grooming Games. This year’s event is happening February 15 through 18 at the Pasadena Convention Center.

About Waggz

Waggz is the go-to equipment manufacturer and marketplace for professional groomers and DIY pet parents. Waggz products are proudly designed by and for pet groomers with medical-grade materials and patented technology. Visit and follow @waggzgrooming on Instagram to learn more about how Waggz is leading the future of pet grooming.



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