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West Paw Endorses May as Canine Arthritis Awareness Month

The company supports canine arthritis management through its toys and puzzles that stimulate the brain and jaw in a safe and engaging way.




(PRESS RELEASE) BOZEMAN, MT — With May being Canine Arthritis Awareness Month, West Paw endorses Canine Arthritis Management (CAM). With arthritis-approved West Paw products such as the QWIZL, TUX, RUMPUS and TOPPL, West Paw leads the pet industry with its safe, durable and unique dog toys and puzzles that stimulate the brain and jaw in a safe and engaging way.

“If you are looking for a new form of enrichment to help ease your arthritic dog’s discomfort, look no further,” said CAM education coordinator Harmony Coriddi. “West Paw’s puzzle toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your dog and ensure they can have safe, engaging fun,” Coriddi added.

High-quality chew toys can be difficult to find, but West Paw has a wide range of toys, some of which even double as an interactive feeder.

“We are proud to offer a range of durable, enrichment products for dogs in all stages of life,” said Spencer Williams, West Paw CEO. “Making the best products for dogs has always been our number one priority, and creating toys and games that can be therapeutic and act as a distraction from pain is just another way we strive to make important impacts in the lives of our pets.”

Arthritis simply means “inflammation of the joints.” Unfortunately, and less-commonly known, the disease is much more complex. CAM is dedicated to educating pet owners about signs, preventions, and pain management plans for canine arthritis. CAM’s vision is to help dogs lead long, comfortable, and happy lives. CAM, as well as West Paw, want dogs to be listened to and understood, have the pain identified early and managed in a proactive manner.

“I recommend my clients invest in good quality toys like West Paw’s RUMBL and HURLEY to encourage chewing because pleasurable chewing has been found to improve a dog’s emotional state,” said CAM founder and award-winning vet, Dr. Hannah Capon. “Distraction is a well-known intervention for pain management, and the West Paw puzzle toys are hard enough to busy the brain, but not too hard to cause frustration or defeatism,” added Capon.


West Paw products offer several benefits towards chronic pain management. The irregular designs encourage static use and aren’t likely to roll uncontrollably causing more stress on the joints. Chewing is an instinctual behavior that keeps the brain occupied, and that in turn can help reduce your arthritic dog’s pain.

The odd-shaped and long-lasting chew toys like the QWIZL and the TOPPL act as the perfect distraction from chronic pain. While your dog chews on these and other West Paw toys, you can rest assured knowing they are made with high-quality and eco-friendly materials as West Paw is committed to decreasing its environmental footprint.

“We manufacture everything with care by using safe, sustainable materials that are better for the earth and for our pets,” said Williams. “Why do we do this? Because our pets deserve it. They’re our best friends. Simple as that.”

For more information, visit the Canine Arthritis Management website here.


As Dog’s Best Friend, West Paw delights dogs with healthy toys and treats—while watching out for their human companions and the world we all live in, too. Family owned and operated from Bozeman, Montana, the Certified B Corphas recycled almost 150,000 pounds of award- winning dog toys, spun over 16 million water bottles into dog beds and toy stuffing, and innovated a toy line that reclaims ocean-bound plastic. Founded in 1996, West Paw has been designated one of Forbes America’s Best Small Companies (2016), Montana Manufacturer of the Year (2017), and Bozeman’s Choice Employer (2020). Their products can be found in over 6,000 retailers in 40 different countries. Find out more at or follow us at @westpawus.




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