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Woof Introduces Innovative Line of Wellness-Focused Pupsicle Pops & Soft Chews

The company’s breakthrough product line offers playful solutions tailored for dogs’ health and vitality.




(PRESS RELEASE) DENVER — Woof, the award winning brand behind The Pupsicle, announces its newest (and tastiest) innovation yet – Wellness Pops. Reimagining the way pets access nutrition, Wellness Pops imbue essential nutrients into Pupsicle refill treats, delivering functional health benefits through long-lasting play that dogs love.

Woof’s Wellness Line includes an array of products tailored to specific needs, like Joint Health, Allergy Support, Calming Support, and All-in-1 Nutrition. In addition, the line features corresponding Soft Chew supplements that make it easy to craft a consistent wellness routine for your dog.

“We want to make wellness easier for dogs & their parents,” says Daniel Haarburger, CEO and founder at Woof. “Life gets busy, and it’s easy to push nutrition aside. With our Wellness line, we’re making nutrition convenient by merging it with the long-lasting Pupsicle play that dogs (and their owners) love.”

Woof’s new Daily Wellness line features a mix of Pupsicle Refill Pops and Soft Chew supplements, including:

  • Joint Health Pops and Chews: Featuring Glucosamine, Green-Lipped Mussels, and Collagen, to support healthy bones, joints, and cartilage.
  • Allergy Support Pops and Chews: Crafted with Salmon Oil, Colostrum, an Antioxidant Berry Blend, and Mushrooms to support the immune system and relieve seasonal allergies.
  • All-In-1 Pops and Chews: Packed with a greater density of vital nutrients than leading brands, to support longevity, mobility, and overall health for dogs.
  • Calming Pops: Infused with magnesium, tryptophan and passion flower to promote relaxation and alleviate stress for dogs.

Woof invites dog owners to experience the joy of wellness with their furry companions through this first-to-market Wellness line. For more information and to purchase the new products, visit here.

About Woof:

Woof is redefining dog care by merging long-lasting play and functional wellness for dogs. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and thoughtful design, Woof helps dogs enjoy safer, healthier play and their owners enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it. To learn more, visit or follow on Instagram.




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