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IN THEIR OWN WORDS: The SofterWalk Harness is a no-pull dog harness that’s designed to give both your dog and you a smoother, more comfortable walk. Great for dogs that pull, these harnesses come with two D-rings – one on the front, which helps guide the dog towards you when they try to pull and one on the back for use as a traditional harness. A soft padded control handle allows for extra control when it’s needed. This fully adjustable harness comes in 3 sizes (small, medium and large), is easy to put on and has a four-point buckle to ensure your dog is always safe. MSRP: $26.99 – $35.99.

WHAT MAKES THIS PRODUCT SPECIAL? The SofterWalk harness is more than a no-pull harness with a front D-ring. It provides the flexibility to use it as a traditional harness when pulling is no longer an issue (with the help of a back D-ring) and was specifically designed to keep walks smooth and comfortable. With the ability to fully adjust the fit, a padded grab handle for control when it’s needed, a secure four-point buckle for safety and vibrant colors that are hard to miss, this harness scores big on comfort, safety, and style.

WHAT THEY’RE KNOWN FOR: Zee.Dog’s mission is to connect dogs and people through products that are an extension of your lifestyle. Their products follow the latest global trends, while being functional and well-made.

RETAILER REVIEW: “The SofterWalk Harness has been an absolute game changer. Its sleek and modern design pairs excellently with the color combinations that encompasses all types of dogs. Not to mention that the tactile response and feedback from the dogs has been phenomenal, while having an amazing price point too.” — Jordan Lee, Owner and Creative Director of The Public Pet, Honolulu, HI

1. SofterWalk Harness ensures smoother walks with less pulling

2. Use the front no-pull D-ring or the back D-ring for a more traditional harness feel.

3. A soft padded control handle on the top allows for extra control when needed.

2. Available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large).

MSRP: $26.99 – $35.99.

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