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Zoo Med Debuts New Products in Its Creatures Line




Creatures Food Pellets

Creatures Food Pellets are bite-sized morsels for omnivorous invertebrates with a polished palate. The aroma from the fish and blood meal infused into this meal will have your insects coming out of the woodwork for a taste. Each pellet is 1/16-inch in diameter which is designed so that all the flavors can be detected in a single bite. Your cockroaches, beetles, crickets, etc. will be able to fit these pellets into their mandibles with ease, and the 43 percent protein content plus added vitamins and minerals will help your pet’s healthy growth and maintenance.

Creatures Humane Live Insect Catcher

The Creatures Humane Live Insect Catcher is perfect for kids and adults alike to aid in nature appreciation and bug collection. Nets are great for flying insects, but beetles and spiders and other ground dwelling arthropods are both deft and delicate, making a net not ideal for their capture. This new device has an arched cavity with ample space for securing a crawling creature. Once placed over the creature in question, move the retractable plastic pane over the opening to hold the insect inside until it can safely be released into your Creatures Habitat.

Creatures Combo Dome Lamp Fixture

New to the scene is the Creatures Combo Lamp Fixture. It’s got an 80-watt capacity and has a dainty figure (two 3.5-inch domes) to fit Zoo Med’s Creatures Kits. This dome pairs perfectly with the Zoo Med Nano series of lights. Try it with the Creatures LED Blacklight for an interesting illumination of pet scorpions, or the Nano Basking Spot Lamp for appropriate heating of desert and tropical species without desiccation from an overpowering bulb. Ideal for small geckos, hatchling reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, insects and other invertebrates.



P.L.A.Y. Media Spotlight

At P.L.A.Y. — Pet Lifestyle & You — toy design is definitely a team effort! Watch PETS+ interviewer Chloe DiVita and P.L.A.Y.’s Director of Sales Lisa Hisamune as they talk about the toy design process, the fine-tuning that makes each toy so special and why every P.L.A.Y. collection is made with independent retailers top of mind.

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