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14 Latest Releases from Toys to Car Seats

This bag helps keep everything organized and easily accessible.




Go Bag for Pet Parents

When pets travel, they need more than just their collar and leash. SLEEPYPOD offers the Go Bag to help keep everything organized and easily accessible. It features a main compartment that fits two mini-cubes and an insulated food bag, all included, plus a large padded pocket perfect for the pet parent’s laptop or tablet. Additional interior and exterior pockets, lanyard and utility ring add to the storage. The tapered profile with adjustable shoulder strap allows for comfortable cross-body carrying. Just like the company’s pet carriers, the bag is made of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon. It measures 16 inches tall by 16 inches wide by 5 inches deep when fully packed, and comes in Jet Black, Glacier Silver, Strawberry Red and Robin Egg Blue (shown here).


Chasing Dreams

The Tall Tails Dream Chaser dog beds offer comfort for every type of sleeper. The line is reversible and machine washable/dryable. With a warming fleece side and a cooling canvas side, pet parents can match their dog’s temperature preference. Beds are available in charcoal or brown and come in bolster (shown), donut and cushion shapes.



For Scaly Snouts

Not all dog noses are wet. For those that are uncomfortably dry, OPIE & DIXIE offers its Coconut Snoutstick. Multipurpose coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, a long shelf life, and requires only a small amount to treat dry, cracked skin and provide a long-lasting barrier. Certified organic and cruelty free, the balm contains no sulfates, parabens, synthetics or chemicals.


Polly Want Some Bread?

With the new Birdie Bread mix line from TOP’S PARROT FOOD, pet parents can make nutritional and delicious treats for their companion birds. The company uses the same all-natural, ecologically grown ingredients as its cold-pressed pellets, and the mix comes in Mediterranean, Cajun Spice, Peas & Carrots and Blueberry Burst flavors.

$9.95 to $10.95

Transformer Cat Bed

Some kitties like to nap out in the open, while others prefer a bit of privacy. The 2-in-1 Cuddler Cat House from MESSY CATS suits both. When left open, kitties can curl in up inside. When closed, they can sleep on top surrounded by bolstered sides. The bed features washable heavy-duty upholstery treated with Everfresh probiotic technology to provide natural, non-toxic odor control. It measures about 15 by 15 by 13 inches and has a non-slip bottom.


Human Scents

MY PET MY SCENT works to alleviate stress in dogs by using their human’s scent. The system includes alcohol pads that the pet parent wipes along their neck or elbow. They then squeeze two drops from the pad onto a hemp disc within a locket, which snaps closed and clips onto the pet’s collar. The combination of scents provides a calming effect, with each kit containing supplies to last 30 days.



Bundle Up, Pup

Dogs need not hibernate during cold weather, thanks to the Winter Paw from GOLD PAW SERIES. This insulated coat features a stretchy fabric that allows for full movement while providing protection from wind, rain and snow. The extra-high collar also helps to keep pups warm and dry. Reflective webbing increases visibility at night. Made and sourced from materials in the USA, the coat also checks another eco-friendly box: Recycled polyester makes up the mesh lining. Available in 10 sizes and in three color combos: lilac with gray and graphite (shown here); navy with red and navy; and silver with forest and graphite.


So Real

With their realistic shapes and fuzzy fur, expect kitties to go crazy for these Eeek! catnip toys from ETHICAL PRODUCTS. They crinkle sounds, long tails for swatting and batting, and variety of claw-pleasing textures will entice play. Available in House Mouse Helen, Flat Mouse Frankie, Wool Mouse Willie, Big Mouse Bertha and Super Mouse Sam.


Soup’s On

Pristine Bone Broth from CASTOR & POLLUX serves as a savory topper or a standalone snack for dogs. The broth comes from responsibly raised animals and contains no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, nor grain, corn, soy, wheat or gluten. Cooked in a USA kitchen, it comes in Grass-Fed Beef, Free-Range Chicken, Free-Range Turkey and Grass-Fed Beef with Turmeric in 8.4-ounce cartons.



The Stick, Reimagined

The ZWIG from WEST PAW takes the fun of a stick and makes it a safe toy for dogs — no splinters or puncture wounds to fear. The soft, hollow construction provides a stimulating squeeze and bouncy action while also being easy on teeth. And it floats, making fetch on land and water even more fun! Like other toys from the company, it’s made in the USA, BPA-free, 100 percent recyclable and dishwasher safe.


Goat Milk Yogurt, Reimagined

The latest frozen treat from THE BEAR & THE RAT packs a digestive punch. Frozen Goat Milk Yogurt contains InClover’s OptaGest Digestive Aid, a complete prebiotic and plant enzyme blend supporting intestinal balance and a healthy immune system. The 3.5-ounce cups come in four packs and in two flavors for dogs and cats: Frozen Goat Milk Yogurt and Frozen Goat Milk Yogurt With Coconut.


Road Trip!

The SNUGGLE POCKET from Gen7Pets helps keep pets safe and secure in the car. Best suited for dogs and cats up to 15 pounds, it features an adjustable tether that allows them to sit, stand or lie down; a soft, machine-washable fleece; and a front mesh window for maximum airflow and extra visibility. Two adjustable straps secure the booster to any seat with a headset.


Paw Protection

From WALKIN’ PETS BY HANDICAPPEDPETS.COM comes Walkin’ All-Weather Boots. Dogs of all abilities will appreciate the heavy-duty protection against extreme temps and rough surfaces. They feature a water-resistant but breathable shell, adjustable straps and drawstring closure, and non-skid rubber sole. These boots also can be used to prevent pups from licking their paws. Available in five sizes and in sets of four.


Taurine to Add

With taurine deficiency in pets making the news cycle yet again, customers may be asking for nutritional guidance and supplements. HERBSMITH’s veterinarian-developed Taurine Boost contains L-carnitine, taurine, omega-3 fatty acids and coenzyme Q10 to support cardiac health in dogs and cats, plus support immunity, and brain and eye health. It comes in 75, 150 and 500 gram bottles.


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Promoted Headlines

Hot Sellers

Here Are August’s Hot Sellers

Pet Releaf leads this month.




There is a toy company called FabDog, and their pizza toy is definitely the hot seller! It is a round disc that looks like a pizza, with a big squeaker inside, and comes in an actual pizza box! — Sandy House, The Store at Paws ’N Effect, Hamden, CT

  • Pets Global Zignature, Essentials, Fussie Cat. Great company, always available for education. Excellent sales rep: Andy Meese. — Greg Gorski, Cody Pet Depot, Cody, WY
  • Honest Kitchen Clusters $1.99 for a 1-pound trial size with a $5 off bounce-back coupon. — Jack Carey, Food for Pets, Manchester, NH
  • My Perfect Pet, gently cooked food. — Marilyn Texter, Pawsitive Karma, Castro Valley, CA
  • Pet Releaf continues to be a strong seller for us. I’ve scheduled in-store Pet Releaf demos on weekends to help boost product awareness. We’ve seen some trade-off between sales of grain and grain-free foods, with grain-free being down overall. — Keefer Dickerson, Nashville Pet Products, Nashville, TN
  • In prep for Fall we ran a BOGO special on Nummy Tum-Tum pumpkin cans. We gave customers ideas on how to add pumpkin to their dog’s diet to support overall digestive health and deliver nutrients in a fun way to promote mental stimulation. Many customers that may not have bought this product before, did — and they are coming back looking for it now that the special has ended! — Johnna Devereaux, Fecth RI, Richmond, RI
  • Answers Raw Beef 4-pound Detailed Formula Patties. (First time a raw food moved into the top spot.) — Janelle Pitula, Wags to Whiskers, Plainfield, IL
  • Himalayan PET SUPPLY’s JugHead’s were new to my store last month. When I brought them in I ran a promotion of Buy a JugHead, Get the Himalayan Cheese for Free. The promotion went great, getting a lot of the new toys in customer’s hands and have had a great return on customers returning for more cheese refills. — Taylor Gonzalez, Three Tails Parlor and Pantry, Columbia, IL
  • As always CBD. We sell Pet Releaf tinctures, capsules and treats. (Range: $21.99-$83.99.) I also sell a local CBD company called reLeaves from TSIGFY. (Range: $29.99-$259.99). Their product is for people and pets. I have customers from their 20s to their 80s coming to inquire and purchase these products. They love them because it changes their pets’ quality of life. From anxiety, pain management, arthritis/hip and joint issues, to even help with cancer symptoms (and so much more). The Pet Releaf has a loyalty plan just like most of the foods we sell (buy 10 get one free). ReLeaves is now working with Astro Loyalty too and soon will have a loyalty plan that we will be able to offer. It’s outstanding to be able to offer these plans to our customers. — Kimberly Gatto, The Wagging Tail, Las Vegas, NV
  • RedBarn bully slices sold in bulk were very popular with our visitors. Priced at 99 cents each, customers would buy several of each flavor as a quick and easy treat for their pups. — Wendy Megyese, Muttigans, Emerald Isle, NC
  • Heavenly Hounds – Customers really respond to a simple way to help their dogs with anxiety. We double expose it on the counter and with our other calming supplements. — Matt Brazelton, Four Muddy Paws, St. Louis, MO
  • Smallbatch freeze-dried treats flew off the shelves this month! — Katherine Ostiguy, Crossbones, Providence, RI
  • Primal Goat Milk pint and Fromm pet food. Fromm and Primal partnered for every bag of Fromm 12 pounds or more sold, the customer would get a free Primal Goat Milk. It was part of the Build a Better Bowl program. It worked; we are now selling more and more goat milk. — Paula Gorman, Pet Supplies ’N’ More, Muskego, WI
  • Our bundles are now a top seller in our boutique. After taking a training class in The Pet Boss Club a couple of months ago that was led by Doug Martin from Treat Planet, I applied the theory of bundling a few items at a set price to sell more of that item. We started with Bully Sticks and No Hide Sticks in groups of five, and our sales of these two items are up 18 percent since implementing. — Teresa Hogge, Belly Rubs N Suds, Ashburn, VA

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5 Products to Help You Do Business Better

Pets gazebo, boarding facilities and more…




Gazebo Sweet Gazebo

Store pets deserve their own space, to curl up in at night and/or to take a break in during the day. ADVANTEK allows them to do exactly that in style with its Pet Gazebo. Available in four heights, six canopy colors, and with accessories for outdoor use, it also serves as a floor model, advertising the product.

$129.99 and up

Furry ‘Facetime’

Boarding facilities: Add use of a PETCHATZ HDX to your menu of services. This latest version of the two-way video chat system delivers better quality in low light, a wider camera angle, and improved streaming and Wi-Fi connectivity. Pet parents can also dispense treats and aromatherapy, play games, stream DOGTV, record and share videos, and even take calls from their pet via the PawCall button.



Old-School Calendars

Yes, your POS system has a calendar, and so does your phone. But who doesn’t love to see a printed calendar hanging on the wall at their local pet business? QUARTO PUBLISHING’s Adorable Hedgehogs 2020 fits the bill and features 16 months of the cute critters. A must-have for stores that sell hedgehogs.


For the Stylish Pet Stylist

Check out the Purple Galaxy Pulse ZR II Detachable Blade Clipper from ANDIS! The limited-edition tool features an eye-catching design on top of professional features such as its detachable blade design, five cutting speeds, and long-lasting removable battery that delivers three hours of continuous cordless clipping.


Brusha Brush Brusha

Grooming salons: Upgrade your teeth cleaning services with the Mira-Pet Ultrasound Toothbrush from TECHMIRA CORP. It uses gentle air oscillations to remove bacteria and tartar buildup, without the noise or vibration of traditional tools that may scare pets. Starter kit comes with single and three-sided heads, Ultrasound Toothpaste Gel and USB cord for recharging.


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Cat Products

8 Cat Beds That Combine Comfort and Practicality

Because cats love napping and exploring!




CATS LOVE NAPPING and exploring, so it’s no wonder that many feline beds pull double-duty, providing a place to curl up and sleep or a place to hide and pounce on unsuspecting pet parents.

2 in 1 Cuddler/Cat House

Messy Cats

KEY FEATURES: Collapsible design; easily converts from bed to house with pop-up roof, for a secure and private hideaway. Constructed using premium, heavy-duty upholstery, the peekaboo entrance folds down to convert to traditional bed.

SALES TIP: Non-slip base prevents shifting and keeps the bed in place., (416) 644-1661


Moccasin Cat Bed

Napping JoJo

KEY FEATURES: Handmade by the Amish in Pennsylvania for quality and a touch of craft. U.S.-made thick faux sherpa provides comfort and durability. Available in three colors.

SALES TIP: Inspired by cat’s obsessive shoe hugging behavior, cats can curl up and hide their heads under the “shoe flap.”, (646) 407-8748



Cat Cave

Dr. Judy Morgan

KEY FEATURES: Cozy hideaways handmade in Nepal from New Zealand wool, an eco-friendly, chemical-free material. Breathable woolly comfort provides extra warmth in cool weather and air circulation in the summer, too.

SALES TIP: The whole cave is washable (gentle cycle), and then just reshape and air dry., (856) 881-7470


Cat Walk Luxury Lounger

Penn Plax

KEY FEATURES: Style and comfort meet value. Convenient handles and stabilizing feet for easy repositioning.

SALES TIP: Gone are the days of unsightly pet beds. The sleek, modern design blends seamlessly with any decor, which both pets and people will love., (866) 625-2385


Felt Cubby Cat Shape Cutout Pet Bed


KEY FEATURES: Soft synthetic-wool fabric provides insulation and warmth, and is non-shedding and easy to clean. Sides zip together, to convert into open-top bed.

SALES TIP: Comes in six color options, and two styles: cat-shaped cutout opening or felt cat face appliqué., (888) 459-2337

$37.99 / $40.99

Seagrass-N-Burlap Square Bed

Ware Pet Products

KEY FEATURES: Cushiony comfort for contemporary cats: A modern look, made from soft woven jute and natural seagrass. Overstuffed pillow is removable for easy washing.

SALES TIP: The beds have an appealing aroma cats love (almost as much as catnip)., (602) 257-8803



Thermo-Basket Heated Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products

KEY FEATURES: A tisket, a tasket, kitty in a (heated) basket. The ultimate heated box for catnaps. Firm sidewalls and soft cushion filled with polyfill. Folds up for travel. Comes in two colors.

SALES TIP: The 4-watt heater is removable for all-season use and is MET Labs safety listed., (877) 738-5188


Taco Meow Cat Bed


KEY FEATURES: Made of soft mop flannel and sherpa microfiber, well-padded and supersized for all types of kitties. Flexible wire in the trim holds taco shape or you can flatten it out like a tostada.

SALES TIP: Comes with three chili pepper catnip toys, to spice up any siesta., (435) 275-4536


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