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Arlee Pet Products to Debut ‘Dog is Good’ Licensed Products at SuperZoo

Dog is Good will be located at booth #5071 and Arlee Pet Products at booth #6924.




(PRESS RELEASE) LAS VEGAS – Dog is Good announces one of its newest licensees, Arlee Pet products, will be exhibiting its new Dog is Good products at SuperZoo on August 17th – 19th in Las Vegas. Dog is Good will be located at booth #5071 and Arlee Pet Products at booth #6924.

Arlee Pet Products licenses the Dog is Good brand and creates products that sell through their own distribution. At SuperZoo, they will have multiple Dog is Good designs displayed on harnesses, leashes and throws. This will be their first time displaying their Dog is Good line after long delays due to COVID. They already report significant advance sales for these products and will be adding more to the line going forward.

“Working with Jon Kurtz and the rest of the Dog is Good team has been so fun and inspiring,” expresses Sean Frankel, CEO of Arlee Pet. “They bring tremendous enthusiasm and encouragement to every project and we really respect their company’s values and overall mission. We are excited to showcase more pet items that express just how special the human-dog connection really is!”

Dog is Good lifestyle brand for dog lovers is best-known for creating original messaging and designs for a broad array of products to celebrate and “share the unique joy one feels living life with Dog”. Located in Los Alamitos, CA, Dog is Good sells wholesale, retail, licenses the brand to numerous manufacturers in the pet, gift and home product industries, provides services, and offers a business opportunity for dog lovers to utilize the brand in their own mobile pop-up shops.

Jon Kurtz, CEO at Dog is Good says, “Arlee Pets makes great quality products that we love and admire. It’s been a pleasure collaborating with them and we are looking forward to bringing a new range of quality pet products to the market.”




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