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BrightPet Announces the Refresh of Blackwood Brand Ahead of Global Pet Expo 2024

The leading pet food manufacturer introduces groundbreaking new products across its Blackwood brand line.




(PRESS RELEASE) LISBON, OH — BrightPet Nutrition Group (“BrightPet” or the “Company”), a leading marketer and manufacturer of premium and super-premium branded, private label, and co-manufactured pet foods, treats, and care products, announced the refresh of its flavorful and nutrient-rich Blackwood brand. The relaunch, which sets a new standard for exceptional pet nutrition, coincides with the 2024 Global Pet Expo taking place March 20-22 in Orlando, Florida, with products slated to hit customer shelves in the weeks ahead.

Revitalized Products, Same Slow-Cooked Legacy

For over three decades, Blackwood has been a trusted name among pet owners, dedicated to crafting super-premium recipes through a slower cooking process at a lower temperature. This cutting-edge process retains more nutrition and delivers flavorful food with real health benefits. The brand’s legacy and comprehensive approach to pet nutrition now merges seamlessly with BrightPet’s larger commitment to delivering top-tier, science-backed pet food that resonates with the needs and preferences of modern pet parents.

What to Expect from the Refresh

1) A Whole New Look: Blackwood’s eye-catching dog kibble packaging has undergone a modern facelift, emphasizing freshness, quality, and clear communication of benefits, making it easy to find the exact product you need. The resealable bag helps ensure the kibble remains fresh, and a QR code provides easy access to information pet parents are looking for. A new tagline (“good things take time”) reflects Blackwood’s heritage while looking forward to future advancements.

2) Enhanced Nutrition with Zinpro: Blackwood’s signature slow-cook method is designed to retain vital nutrition that is too often lost in other processes, and these latest formulas push this nutritional innovation even further. By partnering with Zinpro to incorporate their innovative ProPath Performance Minerals, Blackwood kibble offers maximum nutrient retention to support heart, brain, digestive, hip, joint, skin, and coat health. The result of decades of scientific innovation, ProPath Performance Minerals optimize the amino acid transport system, providing unique trace mineral absorption and metabolism for enhanced immunity and mobility. Now enhanced with Zinpro ProPath, Blackwood dry dog kibble offers unrivaled mineral absorption. The result is next-level nutrition that pets will feel, and pet parents will see. More information can be found here.


3) Blackwood Bounty: Blackwood’s premium cat recipes have been remade with new flavors designed for kittens, senior cats, and every age in between. With increased protein, cats who eat Blackwood Bounty will enjoy 82 to 90% animal sourced protein.

4) Coming Soon: Anticipate new products in 2024, including Blackwood Meal Toppers, Freeze-Dried Single Ingredient Treats, Granola, and an updated look for Blackwood Oven Baked Bites.

“We are proud and excited to reintroduce the Blackwood brand, with improved favorites and brand-new products, to the market,” said Collin Frantz, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Brands at BrightPet. “As always, our top priorities are meeting the unique needs of pets and exceeding the highest standards of pet parents. To this end, we have ensured that our revamped Blackwood lines provide the best nutritional value with unparalleled flavors that pets crave.”

For those interested in learning more about the revitalized Blackwood brand, including how these enhanced formulations prioritize pets’ well-being, please stop by the BrightPet GPE Booth 2609, or visit here.

About BrightPet Nutrition Group

BrightPet Nutrition Group is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium and super-premium pet foods, treats and care products. Serving the U.S. and more than 30 international markets with branded, private label and contract manufactured goods since 1978, BrightPet has pioneered both freeze-dried treats and slow-cooked, small-batch kibble. BrightPet operates a portfolio of leading holistic, natural and organic consumer brands, including Stewart, Blackwood, Adirondack, By Nature, Miracle Care, Bravo! and Hamilton. For more information about BrightPet, please visit




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