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BSM Partners’ Young Entrepreneur Mentorship Program Announces Ava Dorsey of Ava’s Pet Palace as First Participant

Dorsey is the founder and chief pet officer of Ava’s Pet Palace.




Ava Dorsey

Ava Dorsey

(PRESS RELEASE) BENTONVILLE, AK — BSM Partners, the leading full-service pet care research and consulting firm, announces 15-year-old Ava Dorsey as the first participant in their Young Entrepreneur Mentorship Program. Dorsey is the founder and chief pet officer of Ava’s Pet Palace, a line of USDA Organic-certified and all-natural dog and cat treats and pet accessories. All packaging for Ava’s Pet Palace products is made from sustainable recycled products.

“Having already accomplished so much at such a young age, Ava is the perfect first mentee to kickstart our Young Entrepreneur Mentorship program,” said Dr. Frank Niles, principal of BSM’s business transformation practice and startup services group lead. “Our startup services team has been thrilled to be guiding and assisting Ava through her company’s growth, and we look forward to helping other young entrepreneurs break into and flourish in the industry.”

BSM Partners’ Young Entrepreneur Mentorship Program guides emerging young business leaders within the pet industry, providing advice and support on matters such as product innovation, formula development, marketing, business development, employee development, organizational development, executive coaching, and more.

“It’s been a great and very productive relationship since meeting everyone on the BSM team,” said Dorsey. “The team members are so caring and provide help and guidance that any startup could benefit from across all areas of business. I’m really looking forward to the future of the pet industry that includes the youth this program seeks to help. And I’m so happy they are being active change agents for the future of the industry. Growing and scaling a business can sometimes feel scary, but I now feel very confident and super excited about the future of Ava’s Pet Palace!”

About Ava’s Pet Palace

Ava’s Pet Palace is a line of organic and all-natural dog and cat treats and pet accessories and are sold online at, in independent retailers throughout the nation and in all PetPeople and Pet Food Express locations.

About BSM Partners

BSM Partners is the leading full-service pet care research, consulting, and strategy-to-shelf product innovation firm. BSM Partners collaborates with hundreds of clients, ranging from the largest companies to individual entrepreneurs, to provide both technical and business solutions. The firm’s startup services group helps early-stage pet care entrepreneurs build the foundation necessary to scale their business. From ideation to execution and everything in-between, BSM accelerates the growth of promising new businesses in the pet food industry. To learn more, go to



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