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Bulldogs Are Beautiful, May the 4th Be With You and More Special Days for Your Pet Business to Promote

Get out your calendar! It’s time to start planning next quarter’s special promotions and sales.





2 Ann Landers knew a thing or two about feuds — she didn’t talk to (Dear) Abby, her twin sister, for years. It may have been why she was such an advocate of RECONCILIATION DAY. While grudges, feuds and recalled slights can occasionally be good motivators, for the most part they just consume time and energy. Today, think of a relationship (professional or personal) that soured, and write a note to that person saying you’d like to bury the hatchet, or just wish them the best. No matter how they respond, resolve not to waste any more negative energy on it.

9 Include pets in the EASTER festivities with baskets of their own. Treat Play Love in Grand Forks, ND, makes regular and deluxe versions, custom-curated for each dog or cat and costing $30 and $40, pre-order only. Treats, toys and other items go in the colorful baskets, which are then wrapped in Easter-print cellophane. Pro tip: Pick up baskets at crafts stores on clearance.

17 The Boston Marathon takes place today, unofficially kicking off FUN RUN SEASON across the U.S. Is there a local dog-friendly 5K you could get involved with on some level, as a sponsor or by providing volunteers? Such events are a great opportunity to get swag bags and other marketing materials into the hands of pet parents in your community.

Current store mascot Pork Wonton promotes Dog Krazy’s annual Bulldogs Are Beautiful contest.

Current store mascot Pork Wonton promotes Dog Krazy’s annual Bulldogs Are Beautiful contest.

21 It’s BULLDOGS ARE BEAUTIFUL DAY! Celebrate these symbols of courage and resolve with a special event. Dog Krazy stores in Virginia, inspired by a Bulldog named Piglet, hold an annual photo contest on social media. Contestants must like and follow the store’s socials and comment with a photo of their beautiful Bulldog. The pup with the most likes wins a Bulldog-themed gift basket, and the activity helps to expand Dog Krazy’s reach. It’s also a great way to promote breed-specific products.

27 Use TAKE OUR DAUGHTERS AND SONS TO WORK DAY as an opportunity to remind the community of your status as a family-owned business. Invite kids — yours and/or those of your employees — to join in on the work in a way that doesn’t disrupt business too much but does inspire the next generation of pet pros. If you have offspring who already work with you, use this opportunity to brag like the proud parents you are.


30 It has never been cooler (or probably harder) to operate a small business. The country as a whole seems to better appreciate the diversification, localization and jobs that Main Street businesses bring to their communities. In the run-up to NATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS WEEK, today through May 6, reach out to your Chamber of Commerce and SCORE chapter. It’s a terrific opportunity to tap their resources and connect with other local business owners to co-host events and raise each other’s profiles.


1 When you think of senior citizens, Baby Boomers may not immediately come to mind, but that’s increasingly who they are. During OLDER AMERICANS MONTH, think about how your business could become more senior-friendly — slightly larger signage, more places to sit … Hey, don’t smirk: We should all hope to get there one day.

4 No matter your pet business, you can celebrate STAR WARS DAY. Stock your bakery case with decorated cookies. Run a promo on licensed gear and toys. Offer a themed add-on to day care. Hold a lookalike photo contest on social media because you know Brussels Griffons look just like Ewoks. May the fourth be with you.

8-9 Tie into the WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW with flash sales tied to group winners. Example: If a Maltese wins the Toy Group again in 2023, all dogs of that breed get a percentage off for the next 24 hours or however long you decide. Offer the biggest deal to the breed that brings home Best in Show.

13 It’s MOTHER’S DAY weekend, which now also includes DOG MOM’S DAY on Saturday. Include your dog mom customers in on the fun like Kaye Busse-Kleber of Bark On Mulford in Rockford, IL, does. She sells Dog Mom Boxes, which in 2022 cost $29 and included artisan soap, a gourmet cookie, area code pin and a dog planter with succulent, all from local businesses, for the person, plus a bag of treats for her special pup.




  • 1 Pet First Aid Awareness Month
  • 2 National Ferret Day
  • 4 World Rat Day
  • 9-15 National Dog Bite Prevention Week
  • 16 Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day
  • 28 Hairball Awareness Day
  • 30 National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day


  • 1 Fun at Work Day
  • 3 National Specially-Abled Pets Day
  • 8 National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
  • 18 Tax Day
  • 20 National Rescue Dog Day
  • 23 World Turtle Day



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