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Bully Bundles Releases Data Results on Calories in Bully Sticks

Results show that there is an average of 87 calories per 6” bully stick and an average of 195 calories per 12” bully stick.




(PRESS RELEASE) CHICAGO — Bully Bundles, a healthy, all-natural dog chew company, announced data from a recent study highlighting how many calories are in bully sticks. The study objectives were to evaluate the nutritional content of bully sticks from various companies and provide professional guidelines on how dog parents can apply this information to their dog’s nutrition.

Results show that there is an average of 87 calories per 6” bully stick (25.5 grams) and an average of 195 calories per 12” bully stick (57.5 grams). On average there are 3.4 calories/gram of bully stick. The tests also reveal that for each 6” bully stick, there is an average of 16.4 grams of protein, 1.1 grams of fat, 0.17 grams of fiber, and 3.3 grams of moisture.

The results are based on a laboratory test from Mérieux Nutrisciences conducted in August 2022 with 1 pound each of 3 different brands of bully sticks. The study revealed how to calculate the calories of each bully stick, as well as how to calculate the daily caloric needs for your dog.

Ryan Schoop, Bully Bundles Founder, says, “We hope that dog parents find this comprehensive and up-to-date nutritional information on bully sticks helpful when making decisions about their dog’s nutrition. We are passionate about providing useful information on bully sticks for our customers and consumers in general, and we had previously found a limited amount of nutritional information available to the public on bully sticks.”

To see the entire study, Bully Bundles has invited customers, potential customers, anyone using or considering using bully sticks, retailers, and any other businesses or organizations to visit here.

About Bully Bundles

Bully Bundles is a pet product company that sources and distributes natural healthy bully sticks for dogs. The Company was founded in 2015 with the goal of feeding dogs healthy bully sticks, bringing them a happier and healthier life. Bully Bundles’ bully sticks are 100% digestible, safe to chew, and rawhide-free, and only use natural beef pizzle as an ingredient. The sticks are natural teeth cleaners; they act as a natural floss for a dog’s teeth.


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