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Chef José Andrés Curates Recipes for New Mediterranean-Inspired Dog Food Brand

Reál Mesa announces products with high-quality ingredients to bring number one human diet to pets’ bowls.




(PRESS RELEASE) NASHVILLE, TN – REÁL MESA, a brand-new pet food featuring Mediterranean-inspired ingredients and chef curated recipes, is changing the way dogs experience food. With a mission to nourish the relationships between families and their pets through elevated meal experiences, REÁL MESA will soon be available to purchase for beloved companions on and Amazon.

REÁL MESA was created when world-renowned Chef José Andrés and his closest friends, and fellow pet lovers, gathered around a dinner table to discuss their shared passion for bringing families together through quality food. Believing that pets are a part of the family, too, the brand was designed to bring a delicious menu of Mediterranean-inspired food to pets’ plates.

“Pets of America, you deserve delicious meals, too!” shared José Andrés, co-founder of the brand. “Dogs give us so much love. It is only fair that we give them the best food we can with the quality of ingredients and care we would give anyone in our family.”

With ingredients such as real chicken, wild-caught salmon, brown rice, chickpeas, carrots, figs, kale and a proprietary blend of herbs and spices, REÁL MESA brings the number one human diet to pets’ bowls. The products follow Chef José’s philosophy of strengthening connections through the power of delicious food that is sourced responsibly and made from high-quality ingredients.

Products are available for dogs of any age, with one puppy and three adult main meals in recipes like Mediterranean Chicken & Rice Entrée and Wild Caught Salmon Feast. Pets can also enjoy treats and toppers in a variety of flavors like Lamb Recipe Bites and Chicken Kabobs.


“As a team of animal lovers, we know how much joy pets can bring,” said REÁL MESA’s Chief Marketing Officer Tierney Monaco. “It’s our mission to bring families (including dogs!) together over a delicious meal. We look forward to feeding the relationship with our beloved pets and contributing to endless evenings of laughter, joy and togetherness.”

To further support communities around the world, a portion of every REÁL MESA purchase will be contributed to World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that is first to the frontlines providing fresh meals in response to crises around the globe.

To learn more about this all-new, Mediterranean-inspired pet food brand, visit

About Reál Mesa

Founded in 2022, REÁL MESA is a Mediterranean-inspired dog food brand that features chef curated recipes and high-quality ingredients pets love and their owners are confident in. REÁL MESA’s mission is to nourish the relationships between families and their pets through elevated meal experiences. To accomplish this goal, the brand partners with world-renowned Chef José Andrés to curate high-end recipes and utilizes high-quality ingredients to bring the number one human diet to pet’s plates. REÁL MESA is backed by a seasoned group of investors, including Palm Tree Crew Investments, Point Break Capital and Torch Capital. For more information, visit



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