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Cloud Star Introduces Wag More Bark Less BBQ Gourmet Jerky for Dogs

Meaty USA-made treats inspired by 3 regional BBQ cuisines.




Wag More Bark Less Jerky

(PRESS RELEASE) ST. LOUIS – Nothing is more flavorful than a zesty BBQ sauce, and different regions of the US have perfected the art of making their own mouthwatering versions of this classic American fare. Now, with the introduction of Cloud Star Wag More Bark Less BBQ Gourmet Jerky treats for dogs, pups can choose their own lip-smacking favorite from three regional-inspired BBQ recipes: Kansas City BBQ Chicken, Texas BBQ Beef, and Memphis BBQ Turkey.

All Wag More Bark Less BBQ Gourmet Jerky treats are baked in the USA with real delicious meat — Chicken, Beef or Turkey — as their #1 ingredient. Additionally, each recipe contains simple, natural ingredients like tomatoes, honey, lemon juice or turmeric to give it a savory BBQ taste and aroma that dogs find irresistible, as well as its own distinctive regional flair. For example, the Kansas City jerky recipe includes applesauce to add the sweetness associated with that city’s BBQ cuisine style.

Pet parents will be happy to know Wag More Bark Less BBQ Gourmet Jerky treats are as healthy for their pups as they are yummy. Baked “homestyle” in small batches with minimal processing, the treats contain no grains, added glutens, corn, wheat, soy, animal by-products or artificial colors and flavors.

“As people continue to humanize pets, they want to give their dogs the types of foods that they find tasty themselves, and which also offer the same health benefits that they seek in their own diets,” said Joe McIver, senior brand manager at Cloud Star. “Wag More Bark Less BBQ Gourmet Jerky strikes the perfect balance between what most people regard as a real taste treat – barbecue — and a product made with natural, nutritious ingredients that they can feel good about giving to their dogs. Even the preparation process is simple, similar to the way you’d bake in your own kitchen.”

Recent research on the pet food market indicates that consumer demand for human-style treats that are both healthy and tasty like Wag More Bark Less BBQ Gourmet Jerky will continue to grow in the future. In a report titled Global Pet Food Market 2020-2024, market research firm Technavio cited “the increasing demand for pet food with savory ingredients” as “a major trend driving the market growth.” Research conducted by Euromonitor International found that, “Key growth drivers such as pet humanization and premiumization accelerated during 2019 and into 2020.” A Nielsen report, The Humanization of Pet Food, credited the trend to humanize pets for the “growth of certain pet food segments, including healthy treats,” adding, “Increasingly, pet owners are moving from expectations of ‘high quality (for pets)’ to ‘humanized.’”

Cloud Star Wag More Bark Less BBQ Gourmet Jerky treats for dogs are available in three regionally-inspired recipes: Kansas City BBQ Chicken, Texas BBQ Beef, and Memphis BBQ Turkey. All varieties are packaged in a 10-oz. bag at $14.99 MSRP.


For more information on Cloud Star Wag More Bark Less BBQ Gourmet Jerky treats, visit



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