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Cloud Star Adds Sliders to Its Lineup of Human-Inspired Dog Treats

The mini-sandwich shape comes in Beef Cheeseburger and BBQ Chicken.




(PRESS RELEASE) ST. LOUIS – Cloud Star’s newest dog treats, Wag More Bark Less SLIDERS, are as fun for pet parents to give to their fur babies as they are yummy for pups to eat. Resembling human sliders, the treats are shaped like the super-popular mini patties and have a soft, chewy texture and savory meaty flavor and aroma that will immediately appeal to canines’ carnivorous cravings.

Made with natural beef or natural chicken, WMBL SLIDERS are available in two mouthwatering recipes – Beef Cheeseburger and BBQ Chicken. These rank among the most popular human slider varieties as well, making SLIDERS a truly “people–inspired” treat that aligns with the ongoing pet humanization trend, according to Joe McIver, Brand Director at Whitebridge Pet Brands, Cloud Star’s parent company.

“Wag More Bark Less SLIDERS are the latest addition to Cloud Star’s assortment of human-inspired dog treats,” said McIver. According to Nielsen, 95 percent of pets are considered family, and “owners want their pets to have the same types of treats and fun foods that they enjoy themselves,” he added.

Slider sandwiches, McIver noted, are a growing trend in the human food market. Not only have more restaurants added them to their menus, but new fast-food franchises have emerged that focus specifically on sliders. Additionally, sales of frozen sliders in groceries and other retail food outlets are continuing to increase.

“WMBL SLIDERS tap into this trend,” said McIver. “They provide a ‘canine interpretation’ of the popular human slider that pet parents can feel good about giving their dogs – a chewy, meaty treat that pups will find completely irresistible.”


Wag More Bark Less SLIDERS are baked in the USA using only simple ingredients. They contain no corn, soy, or artificial flavors or colors. The MSRP is $9.99 for an 8 oz. package.

Other human-inspired treats offered by Cloud Star include Wag More Bark Less Philly Cheesesteak Jerky, Wag More Bark Less KC-Style BBQ Jerky, Wag More Bark Less Texas-Style BBQ Jerky, Wag More Bark Less Meatball Bites, Wag More Bark Less Sandwich Cookie (made with human grade ingredients), and Wag More Bark Less Iced Treat (made with human grade ingredients).

For more information on Wag More Bark Less SLIDERS and other Cloud Star treats, visit

About Cloud Star

Cloud Star believes that dogs are family members and should have treats and food made with only simple ingredients that are minimally processed, just like you would do in your own kitchen. All of our homestyle recipes contain just a few recognizable ingredients, like peanut butter, chickpeas and flaxseed – and never any by-products, corn, soy or artificial colors or flavors. Our family of wholesome brands features iced treats, biscuits, soft chews, jerkies, and other treats. Located in St. Louis, Cloud Star’s products are distributed to pet specialty stores nationwide.



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