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Company of Animals Announces Management Change




A CEO was named for the firm’s US division.

(Press Release) DAVENPORT, FL – In the first of a series of new initiatives designed to strengthen their presence in the USA, The Company of Animals recently announced a management change. Dr. Roger Mugford, founder of the UK-based training and behavior products firm, stated that Paul Nolan, global operations director, will now also serve as CEO of the company’s U.S. division. He replaces Larry Cobb, who will assist with the transition until his retirement in the new year.

Since he joined The Company of Animals six years ago, Paul Nolan has been spearheading growth through innovation within the supply chain.

“Commerce is changing at a breathtaking rate,” Nolan said, “and it’s a company’s dynamism that determines whether or not it will keep up with that pace of change. We invest heavily in ensuring pet owners have access to our products, no matter how they choose to shop. Speaking for the entire organization, we are all extremely grateful for the Herculean efforts Larry has made to build a powerful platform for the future growth of our branded lines in the U.S.”

Nolan said the change in U.S. operations is just the beginning. “We will be making significant investments in 2018 in terms of products, personnel and marketing. By working even more creatively with our key retail partners, we aim to leverage our 40 years in this category to build a comprehensive range that is super easy to shop.”


On the product development front, Mugford said that a number of exciting innovations are currently underway. “These new designs are based on proprietary insights from an in-depth Usage and Awareness study we conducted recently. They are currently being tested at our Animal Training & Behavior Center here in the UK.” The results will be unveiled next summer, with a sneak peek available at Global Pet Expo in the spring.

All these new initiatives are intended to further the company’s mission in the U.S., Mugford explained, which is “to instill confidence in pet parents with convenient products that promote humane, rewarding relationships while solving common behavioral and training issues.”


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