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Election Day, Black Friday and a Dozen More Important Dates to Note in November and December

And December is just around the corner…




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1 The end of Daylight Saving throws the lives of pets out of sync even more than for their humans. Why are you still sleeping when Spot needs to go potty? Why aren’t you home from work yet? In the weeks ahead, suggest your customers start adjusting their routines by a few minutes every day to get their animals used to the upcoming change. For those dogs who get particularly anxious, suggest CBD products (see our entry for Nov. 25 — Weed Wednesday).

3 Election Day is nearly always a lousy shopping day. Consumers use whatever free time they have to vote, then go home to watch results. And this year nobody seems to be in the mood for “fun” election-related marketing campaigns (Vote for your favorite cat food anyone?). What to do? Go vote! Make sure your staff can go, too. And wait for the rebound.

25 Green Wednesday is the new Black Friday. Also known as Weed Wednesday (and Danksgiving in some parts of the country), marijuana dispensaries use the day to market cannabis as a way to take the edge off, or even enhance, the annual family gathering. Pet businesses can get in on the action, as well, to tout the wide ranging benefits of CBD products.

27 Black Friday, the traditional beginning of the holiday shopping season, is here. What untraditional thing are you going to do? How about a gift card to all customers who made a purchase within the last 12 months. $5 off for those who spent $50, $10 off for those who spent $100 … and so it goes.

28 The big chains have Black Friday, the online giants Cyber Monday, but today — SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY — is your 15 minutes in the spotlight in a crowded holiday season. Go to and check out the resources available (there are newsletters to sign up for, sample social media posts, free online banners, logos and customizable signage, and more).


6 Rockefeller Center hits the switch on its landmark Christmas tree today. You should have by now, too! Your customers want to see lights, decorations and reindeer carved from ice. Don’t let them down. (Actually, if you want to do something really different this year, invite over a reindeer. That will get the town talking.)


11 Two weeks till Christmas — it’s time Santa showed if he hasn’t already. At Petagogy in Greensburg, PA, the old man of good cheer visits every year to take pictures with customers’ pets. In 2018, more than 200 pets had their photo taken with Santa in front of an elaborate scene built by Santa himself (co-owner Ben Huber). It’s an investment in time and effort that repays itself in the form of thousands of social media impressions.

28 On Good Riddance Day, join the Times Square crowd (in spirit at least) in saying goodbye to your worst 2020 memories (oh, where to start!). Write down what bummed you out and toss it into the shredder. Enjoy the release!28
On Good Riddance Day, join the Times Square crowd (in spirit at least) in saying goodbye to your worst 2020 memories (oh, where to start!). Write down what bummed you out and toss it into the shredder. Enjoy the release!

31 Help your customers draft resolutions for their pets: eating better, getting regular check-ups and adding activities to their daily routine — all things you can help them with. Send that email.


  • Nov 1 National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Team up with a local veterinary practice to promote screenings.
  • Nov 7 Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. Recognize an org in your community with a fundraising drive.
  • Nov 11 Veterans Day. Offer a discount for vets with pets.
  • Nov 17 Unfriend Day. Prune your social media lists.
  • Nov 17 National Adoption Day. Identify one pet you can help find a home and get to networking.
  • Nov 22 Humane Society Anniversary Day. Set out those donation boxes.
  • Nov 26 Cyber Monday. Prep a special coupon for your online store.
  • Dec 1 Cat Lovers’ Month. Celebrate these amazing creatures on your social!
  • Dec 4 National Cookie Day. Break out the treats for pets and their owners.
  • Dec 26 Thank-You Note Day. A good day to write everyone who has helped you over the holidays … and throughout the year.



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