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FluentPet Leads PetTech Innovations with New Sound Button Technology

Revolutionary Speak Up Button breaks boundaries in animal-human communication with a loud, clear sound that can be heard across rooms.




(PRESS RELEASE) DEL MAR, CA — FluentPet, the company pioneering new possibilities for interspecies communication, is changing the game again with a revolutionary new recordable sound button, the FluentPet Speak Up Button. The new Speak Up Button provides the best sound quality available in a recordable button, with louder and clearer audio so you can hear each button press, even in the next room.

The FluentPet talking button collection is a language and learning system that enables people to teach dogs and cats to express themselves by pressing programmable sound-emitting buttons mounted on a board of interlocking HexTiles. This next generation of buttons has a high-fidelity speaker positioned so the sound comes out of the top, enabling a louder and clearer sound for better comprehension that can be heard clearly from down a hallway. The new design ensures a vibrant sound free of any possible obstruction when placed in a FluentPet HexTile.

“What sets FluentPet apart is that we have fostered a community from the very beginning. This ensured we received ongoing feedback from our users, driving our product changes and ensuring each iteration of our product answers real needs,” says FluentPet CEO Leo Trottier. “We created this button to address the challenges faced with products currently on the market. We look forward to launching the next generation of FluentPet devices early next year and continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible for the technology and our industry at large.”

Launching in early 2023, FluentPet’s newest product line, FluentPet Connect, enables the ability for users to receive “texts” from their dogs or cats so they never miss a message or milestone again. Recently acknowledged as the Pet Independent Innovation Award’s Training Product of the Year, Connect also allows users to automatically track, quantify and share their progress on a WiFi-connected smart system that enables streamlined communication and information sharing with fellow human users and the scientific community.

The FluentPet Connect can be pre-ordered here and will begin shipping this winter. The Speak Up buttons will be available here for $14.95 beginning November 1. Buy two Speak Up buttons and get the third free until November 24.

To learn more about the FluentPet product line, visit here.

About FluentPet

Launched in June of 2020, FluentPet is a science and mission-driven company that builds tools and community for catalyzing two-way communication between humans and the animals they live with. Since its founding, FluentPet has done over $7M in sales and has been doubling its sales year over year. Using cognitive science-based research and insights, FluentPet makes it possible for people to teach their dogs and cats to “talk” with recordable sound buttons through a system of programmable HexTiles. Together with leading online “Guides,” like TikTok’s @whataboutbunny, FluentPet strives to create a new shared language that will improve both the lives of pets and their owners. For more information, visit here.



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