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FuzzYard Pet Products Company Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Since 2003, it’s been designing & droppin’ some of the coolest & freshest products in the market for your furry best friend.




(PRESS RELEASE) MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Australian founded company, FuzzYard, announces its 20th year (almost 150 dog years) of doing things differently than other pet companies.

Since 2003, it’s been designing & droppin’ some of the coolest & freshest products in the market for your furry best friend.

Right from its inception in 2003, the company has been shaking things up and doing it in a style which has brought a freshness and much needed flare to the industry.

The world was screaming, barking and howling for pet products that stood out. That’s why FuzzYard set out to be industry leaders, creating premium pet products with the highest aesthetic appeal.

FuzzYard has continually led change in the pet industry and continues to do so.In 2022, FuzzYard introduced the new range FuzzYard Life. ‘Life’ is a mix of trending colour palettes, textures, and textiles, perfect for the discerning pet owner who seeks the finer things in life, not only for themselves but for their beloved pets.

In 2023, FuzzYard continues to expand its range to cater for a wider audience, introducing the FY Active range. A range is built for action and designed in a way that makes all your adventures with your best friend easy.


FuzzYard can now be found in more than 50 countries and sold in more than 15,000 stores, a true testament to the products they design and produce.

Its main office/warehouse is still based in Melbourne, Vic (AUS), and is where the creative design and magic takes place.

Its other company owned operation is based in Los Angeles, California (USA), with an 18,000sqft facility which continues to grow.

ABout FuzzYard Partners

FuzzYard also has a tremendous network of distributors and partners in other corners of the world including their central European hub based in Barcelona, Spain.
The most recent external partner to join sees FuzzYard Canada opening an office/warehouse in Vancouver, BC to help cater for the Canadian market.

For more about FuzzYard, and their products visit




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