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Green Juju Introduces Novel Protein Rabbit and Salmon Trainers

Both products are ideal for dogs and cats, providing a healthy, high-value treat to feed at home or on the go.




(PRESS RELEASE) SEATTLE, WA — Green Juju announced this week that it has added two new novel protein products to its collection of nourishing freeze-dried trainers.

Rabbit Trainers and Salmon Trainers will be arriving in independent pet stores nationwide in mid-January, further establishing Green Juju as a leader in fresh, organic pet food supplements. Both products are ideal for dogs and cats, providing a healthy, high-value treat to feed at home or on the go.

“I love the simplicity of single-ingredients treats,” Green Juju founder Kelley Marian said. “They are often the only option for sensitive dogs or cats but a great option for any dog or cat. Our quality sourcing lets the protein shine as the only ingredient needed to make a highly palatable high reward training treat.

Rabbit Trainers are responsibly sourced and animals are humanely treated, free from antibiotics and hormones. A source of highly novel protein, the trainers are low-calorie and ideal for even the most sensitive pets. Rabbit is also an excellent source of energetically cooling protein.

Salmon Trainers are made from wild-caught, Alaskan sockeye salmon, a nod to Green Juju’s origins in the Pacific Northwest. The trainers are made with prime salmon filets and are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and promote overall health.

These new products join Green Juju’s Bison Liver Trainers to make a category of their own within the larger Green Juju catalog, offering more options for single-ingredient protein treats.


To learn more about Rabbit Trainers, Salmon Trainers and all of Green Juju’s products, visit

About Green Juju

Founded in 2014, Green Juju’s signature products are frozen blends that harness the health benefits of organic vegetables and fruits to help pet owners add more life to their dog’s bowl. The blends were originally created for Marian’s dog, Bailey, to improve her health following a cancer diagnosis.

Green Juju’s frozen vegetable blends, along with bison and duck bone broth and protein-packed freeze-dried whole food bites, are popular items at independent pet retailers from coast to coast.

Green Juju is dedicated to expanding awareness of proper pet nutrition and making it easier for anyone to feed healthy.



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