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Hagen Group Expands Pet Products Portfolio with New Innovations In Cat, Dog and Aquatics Lines

The company is poised to expand its breadth of pet products with new offerings under its Catit, Fluval Aquatics, Zeus and Bionic brands.




(PRESS RELEASE) MANSFIELD, MA — Hagen Group, an industry leader in pet products, unveiled its portfolio of new pet items scheduled for release throughout the year. The company is poised to expand its breadth of pet products with new offerings under its Catit cat brand, aquarium essentials through Fluval Aquatics, terrarium accessories with Exo Terra, and innovative dog wellness and play items via Zeus and Bionic. Many products will debut at Global Pet Expo, the pet industry’s largest annual trade show (in Orlando, FL, March 20-22).

“Our goal is to expand innovations within the pet category and develop products that enhance the bond between pets and their families,” remarked Jeff San Souci, director of marketing at Hagen Group. “Our ongoing dedication to launching new products is driven by the understanding that pets aren’t just animals, they are cherished members of our households, and we are committed to meeting their diverse and ever-evolving needs.”

New product highlights from Hagen Group include:


  • Creamy Cups: Treat felines to a truly decadent, soft mousse made from cage-free chicken or wild-caught tuna, with real fruit. More than a guilty pleasure, Catit Creamy Cups are delicious, grain-free, and offer a harmony of textures without any added salt, artificial colors, or preservatives. MSRP: $5.99
    Stainless Steel Smart 6-meal Feeder: Introducing a Catit Smart Feeder with a stainless-steel top for extra durability! Feed cats up to six varied meals per day, adaptable to their feeding patterns. Simply load the tray with healthy portions of dry food, wet food, or treats, and the feeder will serve daily meals as scheduled in the free Catit PIXI® app. MSRP: $139.99
  • PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container: Food stays fresh with this Smart technology cat food storage container. Not only does it keep cats’ food crisp and delicious, but it utilizes vacuum-sealing technology to prolong its shelf life by shielding kibble from air, light, moisture, and vermin. MSRP: $89.99
    Vesper Treehouse: Perfect for playing and resting, this multi-level cat activity tree equipped with a scratching post is a modern, nature-inspired playground for adventurous cats and kittens. It features wooden branches for toy attachments, stylish fabric hideaways, a relaxing hammock perch, and soft, memory foam cushions. Available in size small for $259.99 and medium for $349.99.
  • PIXI Litter Box: Embrace a new era of litter box cleanliness. Designed with both cats and cat owners in mind, this innovative litter box features a stylish, modern design and smart functionality. With a top entry and an enclosed design, the PIXI Litter Box keeps odors at bay and provides a private space for cats to do their business comfortably without tracking litter on the floor. MSRP: $49.99
  • PIXI Vision Smart Feeder: Revolutionize cats’ mealtime experience! This cutting-edge feeder combines a sleek design with intelligent motion-detection camera technology, allowing pet parents to schedule and monitor meals from anywhere. Use the Catit PIXI app to ensure feline friends stay healthy and well-fed, even when away from home. MSRP: $189.99

Catit products can be found at

BIONIC for Dogs

  • BIONIC: Designed for dogs who can demolish ordinary toys in minutes, these toys are expertly crafted for the toughest chewers. Made from ultra-durable BIONIC RUBBER, they are free from harmful substances like lead, BPA, and Phthalates and offer unrivaled durability with patented defensive geometry. The toys come in various BIONIC shapes with treat compartments. MSRP: $5.99- $19.99

Bionic products can be found at

ZEUS for Dogs

  • Cascade Dog Drinking Fountain: Present dogs with an ever-flowing stream of fresh, clean water from this new fountain enticing them to drink and stay hydrated. The included filter pad purifies the drinking water in three different ways, improving its overall taste and quality. MSRP: $45.99 and $66.99 for the stainless-steel version
  • Auto Vacuum Food Container: This quick-release vacuum container will ensure that dogs’ favorite food will stay fresh and crunchy for longer. A simple button press expels the air inside creating a vacuum seal for optimal food preservation. Available summer 2024.
  • Oasis+ Drinking Fountain: Keep dogs happily hydrated while the Oasis+ Fountain blends into modern living spaces. The features include natural UV-C water clarification in addition to the triple action purification by the included filter. The Zeus mobile app control allows pet parents to digitally monitor the water level and adjust the water flow strength in real time, whether at home or on the go. Available summer 2024.
  • Wacky Snake, Panda & Fish: Get ready for loads of tail-wagging fun! These cute, moving toy animals respond to dogs’ touch and offer many interactive ways to play. Available summer 2024.

Zeus products can be found at


  • AquaClear AC Series Power Filter: Take power filtration to the next level. Built on a best-selling platform with a 40-year reputation, this power filtration series has become a standout choice among aquarium enthusiasts. Along with its proven multi-stage cleaning, CycleGuard beneficial bacteria support, and patented refiltration system, the latest clip-on generation power filter sets the standard for cleaning performance, media efficiency, quiet operation, and durability. A newly calibrated water path cycles through four complete filtration stages to optimize cleaning performance. Available fall 2024.
  • Surface Skimmer: Remove unwanted – and unsightly – water surface film with this surface skimmer and improve oxygenation and light penetration for a cleaner and healthier aquarium. MSRP: $29.99
  • BIO-Co2 Pro: Engineered for performance, this low-pressure Co2 system combines the safety of biological carbon dioxide production with the convenience of pressurized delivery. Offering simplicity and unparalleled performance in an easy-to-use format, Bio-CO2 delivers reliable and controllable Co2 through the naturally occurring fermentation process. With safe, low-pressure operation, it is the most secure, simple, and environmentally sustainable aquarium CO2 delivery system available.MSRP: $139.00 – $234.49

Fluval products can be found at

Exo Terra

  • TerraSky Planted Terrarium Lighting: Ideal for planted setups, paludariums, and bioactive terrariums, the high-intensity Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) and enhanced 120° light dispersion ensure light penetration reaches all terrarium layers, resulting in sustained lush plant growth. MSRP: $59.99 – $159.99
    Reptile Deep Dome Nano: This high-quality UVB fixture provides the versatility of placing heat, UVB, and/or light sources on the terrarium where needed. The highly polished aluminum reflector increases the light, UVB, and heat output significantly. Its heat-resistant ceramic socket accommodates incandescent bulbs up to 40W max. The light can be easily switched on and off by the on/Off switch, mounted on the extra-long power cord (180 cm (about 5.91 ft) – 6 ft). MSRP: $41.99

Exo Terra products can be found at

For more information about Hagen Group and its portfolio of brands, visit Hagen can be found on Twitter at @RolfC_Hagen_Inc. Catit can be found on Instagram at @CatitDesignproducts. On Facebook, Fluval Aquatics is at @Fluval and Exo Terra can be found at @ExoTerra.


Caring for pets since 1955, the family company founded by Rolf C. Hagen, with offices and distribution centres in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Asia, services customers on every continent worldwide and has grown to become the world’s largest privately owned, multinational pet products manufacturer and distributor. Driven by a common bond of love and compassion for animals, Hagen is dedicated to creating practical and innovative products that enhance the health and welfare of pets worldwide. Comprised of market-leading brands like BIONIC, Exo Terra, Fluval and Catit, the Hagen group company will continue to invest in product innovation, pinnacle nutrition and consumer experience.



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