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Inbox: Letters From Our Readers for November-December 2017




What You Want

Love your magazine, especially the Calendar, Manager’s To-Do List and your featured products. This magazine gets to the point and gives you what you want to read and need! Bravo! —  Mary Badenhop, Pipsqueak Productions, Honesdale, PA

Displays on Display

I would love to see info on window displays, with lots of pictures and details on displays. Something I am just not good at! —  Renee Lauer, Animal Hut, Pittsburgh, PA

Sticky Situations

I’d like to know more about how to handle sticky situations with customers and employees. —  Jennifer Rasmussen, Just Paws Gourmet, West Des Moines, IA

Is It Enough?

Pets+ doesn’t have the fluff articles that many publications do. Keep it up. An article on the challenges of would be good. I think many retailers are just now starting to see the effect Amazon and other e-retailers are having. How do we compete? Our store layout is unique and draws people in, but is it enough? We will see … —  Ethan Payne, CountryMax, Victor, NY

Getting Ridiculous

How do you handle it when your competition literally steals and copies every single thing that you do? I try to stay away from that drama and ignore it. But, darn it, it’s getting ridiculous! —  Danielle Wilson, Bath & Biscuits, Granville, OH

Green Options

We care about offering green choices to customers and have green options for ourselves, so stories about small companies in the green space matter to us. Small businesses need all the exposure they can get, especially those owned by non-traditional owners. —  Jane Bond, Eco Dog Care, Los Angeles, CA


Wow! Thanks for the suggestions. Those are story ideas right up the Pets+ alley. Stay tuned for our January issue, Jane: Our Big Story will focus on sustainable practices any independent business can implement. And, don’t worry, we’ve made a note of the other suggestions. Look for follow-up on these ideas and more in 10 issues of Pets+ in 2018. Remember, the surest way you can influence what’s coming up in future issues  is to join our Brain Squad and share your feedback in our quick monthly surveys. Sign up at today!



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