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Inbox: Letters From Our Readers for September-October 2017




Paul Lewis in his Brain Squad t-shirt, which he earned by joining Pets+ monthly survey group. Owners and top managers of consumer-facing U.S. pet businesses are invited to join at

Bird Man

Nice T-shirt, thanks, but would it have killed you to put a bird’s footprint on it?” — Paul, Birds Unlimited, Webster, NY

Ed. Note: Our bad, Paul. We’ve revised the design, and it now includes prints of birds and a couple of other critters. 


Regarding Candace D’Agnolo’s column on strategic selling (July/August): We just had a staff meeting and gave each of our employees monthly sales goals. We are trying to get them out of the “How are you today?” greeting and getting them to really get to know everyone who walks in the door. I’m giving each of them a copy of that article. — Nancy Guinn, Dog Krazy, VA

Us v. Them

I would like to see a story on the relationships between retailers and distributors/manufacturers. Success starts with strong partnerships … not an us-against-them! — Frank Frattini, The Hungry Puppy, Farmingdale, NJ 

Funky, Real Fun

Pets+ is my favorite trade magazine because it reads like a consumer mag. It eliminates all the grandiose verbiage found in so many of the other magazines. It’s funky. It’s real. It’s fun. And yet, it is quite informative. Definitely a winning combination! — Wendy Megyese, K9s and Coffee, Emerald Isle, NC

Required Reading

I am loving this magazine. With three stores, developing leaders is essential, and I have required several articles to be read by the managers. — Rebecca Smith, The Pet Works, Washington and Oregon


The most interesting trade mag yet. — Cindy Stuckey, Coast Grooming, Fort Bragg, CA


I love the quality of your paper! Is that weird? — Jamaica Winship, GAMMA2, Carlsbad, CA



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