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Loyal Appoints Blake Scholl to Its Board of Directors

Scholl brings extensive entrepreneurial experience and technical innovation to help Loyal deliver world’s first FDA-approved longevity drug.




Blake Scholl

Blake Scholl

(PRESS RELEASE) SAN FRANCISCO — Loyal, a biotech company developing the world’s first drugs intended to extend the healthy lifespan of dogs, announced that Blake Scholl has joined as an independent director. Scholl brings over 20 years of successful startup, technical, and commercial experience to Loyal as the company progresses towards FDA approval and bringing their first dog aging drugs to vets and pet parents.

“I’m excited to contribute my experience to their efforts.”

Blake Scholl is the founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic, the company building the world’s fastest airliner. Boom has built XB-1, history’s first independently-developed supersonic jet, and taken orders and pre-orders for Overture, its supersonic passenger airliner. Prior to founding Boom in 2014, Blake held leadership roles at Amazon and Groupon and co-founded mobile technology startup Kima Labs.

Blake joins existing Board of Directors Laura Deming of The Longevity Fund and Celine Halioua, and Board Observers Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital and Greg Rosen of Box Group.

“I’m extremely excited that Blake is joining Loyal’s Board. Blake is fascinated with longevity science, has a strong passion for tackling big, important problems, and has invaluable experience bringing entirely new products to consumers,” according to Loyal CEO and Founder, Celine Halioua. “I look forward to learning from and working with Blake.”


“Time is one of the most valuable commodities we have, which is why I’m inspired by Loyal’s mission to extend the time we have with our best friends, and increase their healthspan,” said Blake Scholl. “I’m excited to contribute my experience to their efforts.”

Scholl’s appointment comes after key company milestones in the last year, including administering the first aging drug to a companion dog– Josie, a seven-year-old Mastiff– and successfully completing canine efficacy studies for both of their drug programs: LOY001, intended for lifespan extension for large dogs, and LOY002, intended for lifespan extension for old dogs of any size. Loyal also recently concluded its X-Thousand Dogs Study, the largest dog epigenetics study in history, one of many efforts to quantify the processes of pathological versus healthy aging.

Loyal is currently recruiting veterinary practices to participate in its pivotal study for LOY-002.

About Loyal

Loyal is a biotech startup developing the first drugs intended to help dogs live longer, healthier lives. By targeting and slowing the underlying ways dogs age, Loyal hopes to extend healthy lifespan by reducing or delaying mortality due to age-associated diseases improving dogs’ quality of life and extending their lifespan.

Loyal’s work is backed by decades of research and their team of experts in dog health and longevity is dedicated to expanding upon this research and developing better ways to quantify and improve the aging process in dogs.

The clinical-stage veterinary medicine company has two distinct products in their drug pipeline. The first aims to support healthy aging in older dogs of nearly every size and breed. The second hopes to address the longevity of large-breed dogs.




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