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MySimplePetLab Launches Care Kits

Pet parents can get vet approved, on-the-go kits that deliver fast relief to common pet concerns in between vet visits.




(PRESS RELEASE) MINNEAPOLIS — By Vets, For Pets – MySimplePetLab is leading the future of modern pet wellness with its launch of targeted relief dog care kits. MySimplePetLab focuses on getting to and addressing the root problem of common pet concerns and offering high quality, medical grade products to remedy pet symptoms. The new product line from MySimplePetLab is a smart companion to its from home routine pet tests. The test and care products provide diagnosis and solutions for pet concerns quickly, allowing pet parents to test, care and get relief fast and stay on top of their pet’s wellness at first sign of concern. MySimplePetLab’s care kits include everything your pet needs to feel better fast, while registering the kit helps keep vets in the loop.

Simple isn’t always easy, but with the new care kits from MySimplePetLab, pet parents can get vet approved, on-the-go kits that deliver fast relief to common pet concerns in between vet visits. MySimplePetLab care products support pet parents with effective solutions and the education that they need to feel good about their pet’s health. Several common pet concerns (diarrhea, sore ears, itchy skin, and minor cuts and injuries) often require a vet visit and or multiple OTC/RX products to support with relief.

MySimplePetLab’s offerings allow pet parents and vets to test real-time with our from home tests and use our care kits to support until they can get into the vet.

“MySimplePetLab started in 2019 with a focus on quality and innovative pet tests with vet approved results. The expansion to care is a natural evolution,” says Co-Founder and Chief Lab & Innovation Officer Dr. Dennis Chmiel, DVM. “Routine testing among pet owners and vet clinics has grown and the market is demanding more solutions that make pet care simple. Our care kits are the first of their kind, offering fast relief for digestive issues and skin and ear infections. Kits include high quality efficacious products, a reusable carrying case, and care kit instructions that are vet approved and simple to follow.”

The care kits, which retail for $39.99, will roll out to +500 Target locations in Fall 2023 and will launch on in Summer 2023, making it the company’s first major retail partnership. MySimplePetLab products can also be found on Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, Allivet and Tractor Supply RX.

“75 million pets may not have access to care by 2030 and MySimplePetLab is on a mission to change that,” says Mark Cushing, Founder and CEO, Animal Policy Group. “Millions of pets who are suffering from digestive issues, diarrhea, ear infections, itchy skin and minor cuts and injuries have pet parents and vets that are looking for fast, accessible, and simple solutions.”


MySimplePetLab is on a mission to automate pet wellness and create access for all. With their at-home vet approved routine pet tests and medical grade care kits, MySimplePetLab makes pet health and wellness simple, accessible, and enjoyable by delivering technology, consumer friendly products, advice, and vet services directly to customers’ homes.

“The past 3-4 years of growth in pet categories across animal health and retail have been unprecedented, and they are not slowing down,” says John Bork, Senior Vice President Vet Health Services at Petsmart. “Pet parents are demanding more access to simple care and services when and where they need it most. MySimplePetLab’s test and care platform is innovative as it bridges the virtual and physical pet wellness experience, which means more pets can be seen and supported both in clinic and virtually.”

MySimplePetLab has grown rapidly since it took in a $6M Series A funding round led by the Companion Fund in 2022. Earlier this year, the company expanded their state-of-the-art, technology-driven laboratory, which is the first veterinary diagnostic reference laboratory to share test results directly with pet parents as well as their care team. Recently, the company has added Dr. Cindy Cole, DVM and Partner at Companion Fund as a board member and has also brought in Dr. Jennifer Welser, DVM – Former Chief Medical Officer, Mars Veterinary Health as a strategic advisor.

“Humanization of pets is here to stay,” says Jen Hagness, CEO & president at MySimplePetLab, “and although we recognize the importance of food and treats, we believe the future of this category will be a balance of products, services and accessories that deliver pet wellness solutions across both animal health and retail. With both test and care solutions, MySimplePetLab is building a new, flexible pet wellness category and bridging the gaps across the care continuum – in clinic, from home, on-the-go, online, in-store, etc. We are incredibly excited to provide pet parents, vet clinics, and pet services with the tools they need to care for pets where and when they need it most.”

About MySimplePetLab

By vets, for pets. At MySimplePetLab, we are creating the future of pet wellness, made simple. Our pet care solutions provide simple, fast, and reliable support through products that support the most common pet health concerns (i.e., digestive issues and infections of the ear and skin). We believe pet ownership should be simple, and our products offer effective ways to keep your pet healthy and happy, from routine pet wellness tests to vet approved OTC products – we believe all vets, pet parents and pets deserve better access to care. We are the future of pet wellness, made simple. Our pet care products and tech automation are simple to use, fast and reliable. We provide on-the-go results and relief when you and your pet need them most.

About MySimplePetLab’s Team

MySimplePetLab was founded in 2019 on the belief that everyone deserves access to high quality pet care. The Company’s co-founders, Dr. Dennis Chmiel, DVM, and Dr. Nancy Willerton, DVM, take inspiration from their combined 40+ years of Animal Health experience. Jen Hagness brings a background in building and scaling consumer brands and joined the team as CEO & President in 2021. Together they are making pet care simple and accessible, for all. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and Denver, CO home to state-of-the-art lab facility MySimplePetLab is on a mission to create the future of pet wellness, made simple.


MySimplePetLab has been recognized for its innovation and positive impact on the pet care industry through accolades such as Target Takeoff Accelerator 2022 and Pet Innovation Award Winner 2021.



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