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Pet Health Startup MySimplePetLab Receives $5M in Funding

‘We are hyper focused on making access to care even easier,’ said CEO Jen Hagness.




MySimplePetLab, a startup company that sells home testing kits for pets, has received funding led by the Mars Companion Fund.

The Series A round also had participation from founding investors Jeff Cowan and Jeremy  Friese, MD, according to a press release.

Forbes reports that the funding amounted to $5 million.

“With our  new funding, we are hyper focused on making access to care even easier. Modern pet  parents want more data, more choices, more control of their pets’ wellness, and ‘better  vet visits’ — we solve all those pain points at MySimplePetLab,” said MySimplePetLab CEO Jen Hagness.


More from the release:

MySimplePetLab offers routine testing for the most common health concerns among  dog and cat owners including stool, urine, ears, and skin & itch. Veterinarians or pet  parents receive an easy-to-use kit in the mail for sample collection that is then shipped  back to MySimplePetLab. MySimplePetLab runs the samples in their own lab and  provides on demand results and automation that are shared directly with pet owners, veterinarians, and animal care teams. The lab, based in Denver, CO, is the first of its  kind in animal health. Test kits are currently available through the vet channel in  veterinary clinics and animal care services such as boarders and groomers. Pet  Parents can also purchase tests from MySimplePetLab’s homepage, Amazon, Allivet,  Tractor Supply Rx, and select veterinary retailers.

“MySimplePetLab, the leader in at home pet diagnostics, made simple – and will  automate the way that veterinarians and pet owners test and care for their pets,” said  Cindy Cole, DVM, PhD, DACVCP and Technical Partner at Mars Companion Fund  about the Series A round. “75 million pets are projected to be without easy access to pet  care by 2030. MySimplePetLab is the future of pet wellness made simple and  addresses friction around access to high quality pet care, simplicity, and convenience.  Their technology makes testing simple, fast, and accessible nationwide with results in  days delivered directly to pet owners. Results can also be auto shared in real time with  veterinarians, groomers, and boarders. The technology allows you to test and get to  treatment fast.”

MySimplePetLab is on a mission to empower pet parents and increase access to  diagnostic pet care. Starting with vet approved at home tests, MySimplePetLab makes  pet health and wellness more simple, accessible, and enjoyable.

Diagnostics and test sample collection are time and labor intensive in-clinic,  MySimplePetLab offers animal care teams and pet parents alike the flexibility to do  testing from home prior to in-clinic visits, which saves time, drives compliance, and  optimizes clinic labor models.

“MySimplePetLab’s long-term vision is to build a modern pet care infrastructure that  supports both pet parents and animal health professionals where and when they need  diagnostic testing and care the most,” said CEO & President Jen Hagness. “With our  new funding, we are hyper focused on making access to care even easier. Modern pet  parents want more data, more choices, more control of their pets’ wellness, and ‘better  vet visits’ – we solve all those pain points at MySimplePetLab.”

About MySimplePetLab

MySimplePetLab is the leading pet wellness company that provides simple, fast and  reliable support through insightful at-home lab tests, virtual care, and products that  support a full spectrum of pet health.

MySimplePetLab was founded in 2019 when Co-Founders and DVM’s Dr. Nancy Willerton and Dr. Dennis Chmiel took inspiration from their belief that everyone  deserves access to high quality pet care. Together they started MySimplePetLab to  make pet testing affordable and convenient for all.

MySimplePetLab has been recognized for its innovation and positive impact on the pet  care industry through accolades such as Target Takeoff Accelerator 2022, Purina Pet  Innovation Award Winner 2021 and Featured as an “Emerging Veterinary Company” at  the Animal Health Corridor Summit.




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