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New Animal-Free Pet Food Uses Superfood Ingredients




(PRESS RELEASE) Why  do cats eat chickens? Why do dogs eat cows?

The answer is they don’t—unless you feed it to them in commercial pet foods. 

The status quo in the pet food industry is animal by-products sourced from factory farms, which is ultimately unhealthy for pets, unbearably cruel to farmed animals and a disaster for the environment. 

We aim to change that. Because Animals is a new pet food company focused on nutritious pet food made 100% without animals . 

Founders Shannon Falconer and Joshua Errett want to give pet parents a choice between the unsustainable, inhumane system that produces today’s pet food, and an earth-friendly, animal-free technology of the future. 

Not only are Because Animals products made without inflicting harm on farmed animals, they are also naturally free of antibiotics and growth-promoting steroids—both of which are used in the mass production of factory farmed animals, and both of which are bad for your pet. 


What Because Animals’ products do include is the combination of marine and land-derived superfoods—all human-grade, premium-quality ingredients carefully chosen to pack a nutritional punch, delivering vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other goodies. 

The bottom line :  Just like humans, pets need specific nutrients, not specific ingredients in order to thrive and those nutrients are what Because Animals’ products deliver. 

And to address the question on everyone’s minds :  The fact is, cats and dogs can thrive on animal-free diets when they are fed the correct combination of nutrients. 

Because Animals’ first product (released November 2017) is a Superfood Supplement  that contains a blend of seven different nutrient-rich seaweeds. Those trace minerals from the sea, when combined with land-based superfoods such as antioxidant-dense fruit powders and an immune-boosting probiotic, support whole-body wellness that can be seen in shiner, softer coats, healthy digestion and urinary tracts, robust immunity, and thyroid and metabolic health. 

The company’s next product (to be released in early 2018) is a plant-based, protein-packed dog treat made with chickpea, peanut butter, kelp and chia seeds. This product will be followed by the much-anticipated arrival of dog and cat foods, both made without animals, but packed with essential nutrients. 

As an increasing number of people begin eating a more plant-based diet, eventually so will pets. Because Animals truly is The Future of Pet Food. 




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