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Pet Product Firm StadiumSpot Acquires 2 Brands, Expands Line of Collegiate Gear

With the acquisitions, StadiumSpot’s line of licensed sporting pet products now includes more than 70 NCAA schools.




Retail pet product company StadiumSpot has acquired two licensed sporting pet product brands: Moonshine and Starfish Vision.

The merger “expands [StadiumSpot’s] position in the broader pet products segment and complements its already strong portfolio of popular collegiate, outdoors and coastal dog beds,” according to a press release. With the acquisitions, StadiumSpot’s line of licensed sporting pet products now includes more than 70 NCAA schools.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“This acquisition taps the collective strengths of all three companies and leverages the broad pet products market footprint of Moonrise and Star Vision, said company founder and Chief Operating Officer Buddy Cooper. “Our products are complementary and markets are adjacent, and that enables us to access and build a leading position across the entire category.”

More from the release:

StadiumSpot’s inaugural entry into the pet products marketplace in 2020 is an industry success story. Revenues have doubled in each quarter since inception and the momentum continues grow. The recent acquisition roughly doubled their manufacturing and distribution capacity. With offices in Atlanta and Greenville supported by three distribution locations, StadiumSpot sports more than 70 NCAA licensed product agreements for the majority of SEC, ACC, Big10, Big12 and Pac12 schools, as well as a series of popular outdoor sportsman products led by the Guy Harvey line of pet products. The company’s comprehensive collection of pet beds, collars, leashes, toys and apparel are available online or in retail locations throughout the country and distribution agreements are in place with more than 50 resellers & distributors, including Fanatics, Chewy, Home Depot and a host of collegiate bookstores, pet stores and souvenir shops StadiumSpot’s merger and expansion opens up new customer segments through cross-marketing and cross-selling to existing partners and customers from both legacy companies, explained Klaus Schoening, the founder of the Moonshine business 20 years ago.

Complementary expertise in product development, sourcing and distribution brought synergies to the business that deliver immediate ROI for StadiumSpot and its customers. “Now we can give customers and resellers more complete solutions to the thriving pet products market, while expanding licensing opportunities and driving accelerated growth.”

About StadiumSpot

StadiumSpot makes unique, high-quality pet beds, collars, leashes, toys, accessories and apparel. Officially licensed by NCAA, StadiumSpot also offers one-of-a-kind, patented designs for the ultimate fan pet bed in small, medium and large sizes. Using safe, high-quality, eco-friendly materials like plant-based inks and recycled plastics to make their premium line of pet products, StadiumSpot works with fair-wage supplier and manufacturing partners in the USA and the Americas to ensure a smaller environmental footprint.




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