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Pet Releaf’s Rescue Releaf Program Donates Over $10,000 in Pet Products to Maui

The company is excited to continue its efforts with an upcoming online event that will further amplify its impact.




(PRESS RELEASE) DENVER — Pet Releaf, a leading provider of all-natural CBD pet products, announces the success of its Rescue Releaf Program, which has recently resulted in donations of over $10,000 worth of products to support pets in need on the island of Maui. The company’s commitment to the well-being of animals has led to remarkable contributions, and Pet Releaf is excited to continue its efforts with an upcoming online event that will further amplify its impact.

The Rescue Releaf Program, a cornerstone of Pet Releaf’s mission to help change what healthy means for pets, is designed to provide essential support to animal shelters, rescues, and communities that are dedicated to improving the lives of animals. By partnering with local and nationwide organizations, Pet Releaf aims to address the unique challenges faced by pets in different regions – especially during times of crisis.

After Maui experienced devastating wildfires in August, thousands of residents were left displaced and without homes or resources. This affected countless pets who were separated from their families during the fires or lost their homes and are in need of temporary shelter and supplies.

With the support of customers, Pet Releaf has recently donated over $10,000 worth of high-quality, all-natural CBD pet products to benefit pets in Maui. CBD can help pets that may be experiencing stress during natural disasters and changes in circumstances.

As Maui continues to recover, Pet Releaf is proud to be a small part in helping by teaming up with the Maui Humane Society. The island still needs assistance, and there are many ways to provide aid, whether making a donation directly to a local organization or sending supplies. If you are looking to help pets on Maui, consider making a donation to the Maui Humane Society or taking part in Pet Releaf’s upcoming donation event.

Upcoming Event: Buy One Donate One on September 14


To continue its mission of supporting pets in need, Pet Releaf is excited to announce the upcoming “Buy One Donate One” event, scheduled for September 14. During this online event, for every product purchased on, Pet Releaf will match 100% of the sales by donating a product to Maui pets in need. This event is a great opportunity for pet parents to stock up on their favorite products or try out something new, all while making a meaningful difference in the lives of animals.

“We are thrilled to witness the positive impact of our Rescue Releaf Program has had on pets in Maui and in other communities,” says Chelsea Gennings, co-founder of Pet Releaf. “Our mission has always been to help change what healthy means for pets, and at the core of that is helping at-risk dogs who need Pet Releaf most.”

Over the years, Pet Releaf’s Rescue Releaf program has helped more than 200 rescues and shelters, providing nearly $300,000 in products. Anyone can nominate their favorite rescue or shelter to receive Pet Releaf’s support by filling out this form. All rescues can receive immediate support by signing up for Pet Releaf’s rescue affiliate program, where portions of every purchase made through a rescue’s link will be donated back to the rescue.

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Pet Releaf is the original plant-based pet CBD brand — supporting pets, their parents, and the planet with sustainably made, veterinarian-formulated hemp-based solutions. Since its founding more than a decade ago, the company has led the industry with its commitment to education, transparency, and most of all, effectiveness, and has transformed the lives of more than 5 million pets and their families. Sourced on regenerative farms in Colorado and awarded the NASC quality seal, Pet Releaf’s products help reduce discomfort and irritation, support calm behavior and optimal digestion, and promote long-term health and general wellness. Learn more at




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