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Podcast: Wellness Junkie “Coach Caitie” Teaches You to Care for Yourself as Well as You Care for Your Pets

It’s time to start following some of the same advice you give to your customers about their pets.




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IN THE LATEST Behind the Pages podcast, host Keith Miller discusses ways to hone your own health and fitness to give you the energy and stress-free mood you need to run your business at a higher level. His guest is health coach and self-proclaimed “wellness junkie” Caitie Motta (

Spoiler alert: The key to success involves diet and exercise … and a lot of the same advice you give your customers about their pets — but forget to follow yourself.

In their discussion, Miller and Motta tak about eating to improve mood, the importance of finding the right exercise regimen for you, sticking with it, and not beating yourself up too much when you inevitably back-slide.

Don’t have time to listen to the latest episode of Behind the Pages immediately when it launches on Friday? Here’s one tip you can get started with immediately: Reduce stress by setting some boundaries in your life. Put your phone on “do not disturb” and check it only at set times. Do the same for email. Belong to groups with negativity? Quit them. Let staff members know what matters to approach you with and when.

Behind the Pages is created by Keith Miller of Bubbly Paws, located in the Minneapolis, MN, area. New episodes will be released on the first Friday of every month. Subscribe to Behind the Pages on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts. Or check our podcast page. for past episodes.


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