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Raw Dog Chews Launches New Products

They will be at booth 7365.





(PRESS RELEASE) Raw Dog Chews announces the launch of new all-natural products. All products listed below (available now and upcoming) will be available for sample and order at the upcoming SuperZoo Convention in Las Vegas from August 23rd to 25th. They will be at booth 7365.

Product list

  • Braided Beef Tendon – 12” and 6”
  • Beef Bone
  • Gullet Jerky – 12” and 6”
  • Beef Ribs 2 pack – Large and Small
  • Beef Knuckle Bone – small
    *All products listed above are available now

Raw Dog Chews is also the pioneer in the use of corium collagen for our chews. Our collagen is sourced from cold-weather cattle to maintain the highest quality of product. Corium collagen is easily digestible, aids digestion, helps improve joint health, and helps maintain healthy skin and coat. Our corium collagen products will be available starting in September. We will be releasing further information as the launch dates near.

Coming soon

  • Corium Collagen Sticks, pumpkin flavored
  • Corium Collagen Squares
  • Corium Collagen Rings
  • Punkin Puffs – pumpkin flavored collagen puffs – available by October 1st
    *These products will be available to sample at SuperZoo

For product questions please contact For marketing questions, please contact




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