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Jeni Mather has expanded not only the square footage of her business, but also its range of services. This growth has allowed her to build lifelong, meaningful connections to pets and their people.




JM Pet Resort, Brockton, MA

OWNER: Jeni Mather | URL: | LOCATIONS: 1 | SQUARE FEET: 34,000 indoors, 20,000 outdoors | FACEBOOK: jmpetresort | INSTAGRAM: jmpetresort | FOUNDED: 1998 | EMPLOYEES: 84 full-time, 27 part-time | TOP BRANDS: Bravo Bully Sticks, Earth Animal, Earthborn, Fromm, Lupine, Kong, Northwest Naturals, Open Farm, Primal Pet Foods, Stella & Chewy’s, Zignature

JM PET RESORT FOUNDER and President Jeni Mather holds relationships at the heart of all that she and her team have built. “Our trademarked 360° of Happy Health® approach is more than providing clients with everything they need, it’s about the relationships we build with each pet and parent,” Mather says.

The business supports pets’ physical, mental and emotional needs throughout all ages and stages, through cross-functional services and retail in 34,000 square feet indoors and 20,000 square feet outdoors.

Congratulations From Your Business Coach and Support System

Mather adds, “We also use our prior experience to build a foundation of tried and true processes, so we can help people facilitate harmonious relationships with their pets. We call this 360° of Situational Awareness.” By asking the right questions and getting to know each pet and parent personally, team members can anticipate their needs and provide guidance, she explains.

This all leads to client satisfaction that results in record profits year after year, with 2023 revenue projected at $9 to $10 million for the Brockton, MA, business.

Smart Evolution

A veterinary technician, certified dog trainer and Certified Professional Animal Care Operator, Mather started with “extremely humble beginnings” in 1998 as JM-K9, providing dog training, day care and boarding in a small space. The business moved and became JM Pet Resort in 2009, added veterinary services in 2017 and underwent a major expansion in 2019. Mather describes her company’s growth as “brick by brick,” as she gradually brought on more pet care professionals, also including groomers, to realize her dream of providing 360° of Happy Health® for pets.

JM Pet Resort boarding and day-care guests get to play on 20,000 square feed of antimicrobial K9Grass. Cats are resort guests, too!

“Change is our middle name, for sure,” Mather says. “We add things all the time, but we do it in a strategic way.” For example, veterinary services were first offered in a mobile clinic parked on the property. Now inside the building, JM Pet Vet Clinic features a state-of-the-art design with six Health4PETS® exam rooms, a double surgery suite and the most up-to-date equipment. Mather describes Health4PETS® as the company’s “enthusiastic approach to animal wellness that weaves through each service we offer.” This allows pet parents to build veterinary care relationships at the business as well.

The now 2,200-square-foot, centrally located retail store acts as anchor in the facility, with staff ringing up sales and serving as concierge for resort clients.

“The building layout strategically connects departments, allowing staff to efficiently move animals through for different services,” Mather says.

Other modern touches include eight different air systems, two quarantine rooms and iWave filtration, all of which help keep pets and people safe. Boarding accommodations for dogs and cats feature privacy panels and sound mitigation. And outdoor play yards use antimicrobial K9Grass. Throughout the facility, TVs highlight pets enjoying all of the services.

Peace of Mind

Trust exists at the core of relationships Mather and her team build with clients.

“We build trust by offering peace of mind to pet parents. When we’re recommending something, it’s truly useful and meaningful,” Mather says, explaining that her team will steer clients away from products or services they don’t need in favor of what’s best for their pet. A trainer, for example, may recommend that a dog simply attend PLAYtrain® day care to socialize in a structured way, instead of taking a group class.

The retail store serves as hub for JM Pet Resort, with guests checking in pets and paying for purchases.

Also contributing to peace of mind for pet parents are crosstrained staff well equipped to offer guidance in or referrals to other departments. A resort team member may see a dog with allergies or digestive issues and suggest the client consult a Nutrition Advisor in the retail store. Veterinary clinic Health4PETS® Liaisons perform daily checks on boarding pets and inform clients of any health concerns.

Mather says, “We’re not interested in a one-time sale. We’re interested in a long-term relationship.”


360° of Happy Health® extends to the welfare and longevity of JM staff. “We strive to empower a creative team of individuals in building careers in animal care where they feel valued, inspired and live in a culture of recognition and growth,” Mather says. “The feedback we get from employees is that they can build their skills and experience alongside colleagues who are experts in pet care.”

Just as with clients, her team’s mental health ranks as a top priority. This goes beyond wages and benefits, which include health, dental and vision insurance, an employer-sponsored retirement plan that matches up to 4%, and deep discounts on resort and clinic services.

The addition of JM Pet Vet Clinic realized Jeni Mather’s dream of offering 360° of Happy Health® to clients.

In 2022, Mather introduced Resiliency Training for managers and leads through Verdant Consulting. She describes it as teaching them how to “manage stress at work, bounce back from challenges and remain resilient in the face of obstacles.” This earned JM Pet Resort a finalist spot in the 2023 Transform Awards in the Mental Health Program of the Year category. The company also invests in education and certification programs through Professional Animal Care Certification Council, Dog Gurus, Pet Boss Nation, Heroes for Healthy Pets and Predictive Index Training.

These programs have proven their worth. Mather proudly shares that 27 current staffers have been on the team for three-plus years, nine for 10-plus, and her two vice presidents have been with her for more than 20 years. In total, 111 employees work for JM Pet Resort and JM Pet Vet Clinic, including her husband, two sons and daughter.

“It’s also unique that we have a full human resources team and a full marketing team dedicated to ensuring everything we do is aligned with our mission and Paw Print Principles,” the company’s business philosophies.

Five More Cool Things About JM PET RESORT

1. RESOURCE CENTER: From email to the website to social media, all of JM Pet Resort’s content ties together to create a cohesive experience. Targeted emails reach pet parents with relevant information — whether they’ve just adopted a kitten or are supporting a senior. Each page of the website features a “Let’s Get Started” section, where clients find information on how to register for services and what to expect when they arrive. And informational and just-for-fun posts reach nearly 13,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

2. LEGISLATIVE LEADERSHIP: Mather actively helps shape industry-wide regulations in her state. “It’s important to me that all boarding, day care, and related pet businesses have a voice in legislation that will ultimately shape fair and attainable regulations,” she says. She also consults for Boston Dog Lawyers, Animal Rescue League of Boston and other animal advocates.


3. DAY OF PAWS: To protect against burnout during the pandemic, Mather and her team dedicated Wednesdays as PAWS days, now an ogoing strategy. Once a month, the resort closes day care and the clinic focuses on wellness appointments, allowing time for the training and companywide meetings that “help keep all teams on the same page, and give staff an active voice in shaping and continually improving processes,” Mather says.

4. PLAY+TRAIN: PLAYtrain® allows dogs to take part in specialized playgroups that provide healthy play, exercise and training. Groups include “Freshmen” for new dogs and energetic adolescents, “Wallflowers” for those who need encouragement in groups, and “Specials,” who have distinct behavioral needs that require smaller groups or one-on-one interaction.

5. FURTHER EXPANSION: Mather will launch franchising of her business in 2024. “We’re excited to support fellow passionate business owners by providing the blueprint for them to fulfill their dream of running a successful pet care business.” She says franchisees can expect proprietary workflows and floorplans, exhaustive SOPs, meaningful KPIs, and built-in mentorship in a “Shark Tank” style that’s “empathetic but driven.”

The bright, fun colors and stylish design of the retail store extend throughout the facility.


Peter Scott, American Pet Products Association: This business should be a model for the “all under one roof” concept. I wish it was located near me.
Missy Limbeck, Pet Palette Distribution: AMAZING retail space! Beautiful and impressive building and architecture. Time and effort have been spent where it counts in marketing, as well.
Lyn M. Falk, Retailworks Inc.: What an amazing empire Jeni has created! Staff training is critical to her, as is keeping the business professional on all levels (126 cameras!). The real estate of the retail store is impressively designed. Her commitment to the industry is admirable with four intellectual properties, and working on industry-wideregulations.
Katherine Carbonaro, Astro Loyalty: I love the dedication to building personal and emotional relationships with clients, and to helping them learn and grow. This is incredibly empowering! Pet owners have a strong desire to be a proactive participant in their animal’s holistic health, and JM gives them ample resources to accomplish this. Marketing and social media check all the boxes: fun, engaging and educational. Exactly as it should be! Seeing “360° of Happy Health” for the team, as well, that includes physical, mental and emotional health with insurance made me want to stand up and cheer! I also love the Resiliency Training. When you build a strong team of happy healthy people, everyone wins and high turnover becomes a thing of the past.
Nancy Guinn, Dog Krazy Inc.: I would drive cross-country to bring my pets here. I absolutely love that there is a vet on staff.



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