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SodaPup Announces New American-Made ‘Unstoppables’ Line Extensions

They are to use with its SodaPup rubber enrichment toys.





(PRESS RELEASE) BOULDER, CO – SodaPup Founder and CEO, Adam Baker announced the launch of SodaPup’s new Unstoppables line extensions for use with its SodaPup rubber enrichment toys.

“In July of last year, SodaPup launched an ingenious Stopper-Stand for use with our rubber enrichment toys. This simple device makes filling SodaPup toys easier and less messy. Since then, we have extended the Unstoppables concept into two additional product types that also work in conjunction with our rubber enrichment toys.” Baker said.

“The first new program is our Unstoppables Chewers. Anyone with a power chewer dog knows that dogs will chew the knuckles of their nylon dog bones but are uninterested in the shaft. As a result, you throw away most of the toy which is wasteful. The Unstoppables Chewers are nylon chewing knuckles that insert into our rubber treat dispensers using a patent-pending two-stop attachment mechanism. Now your dog can hold onto the toy while chewing the knuckle and only the knuckle gets thrown away when worn out. In this way, you create less waste and you stretch your hard earned dollars farther.” Baker concluded.


“The second new program is called SodaPup Connectors. Using the same patent-pending two stop attachment mechanism, you can connect multiple SodaPup treat dispensers, creating larger and more challenging puzzle toys for your dog. This is perfect for smart dogs that figure out puzzles quickly and also for bigger dogs.” Baker said.

“Our Unstoppables are a perfect illustration of what SodaPup stands for.” Baker said. “By putting the consumer at the center of everything we do we create functional designs that solve a problem and hopefully put a smile on the consumers face in the process.”


SodaPup specializes in the design, development, sales and marketing of innovative American made molded products including rubber dog toys, nylon dog toys, TPE dog toys, lick mats and other feeding systems. SodaPup is committed to the development of high quality, American-made products that are innovative, safe, and environmentally friendly.



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