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TickledPet Announces Release of Latest Treat

The new treat was previewed at the Global Pet Expo and received great feedback from pet owners, industry experts and our four-pawed friends alike.





(PRESS RELEASE) TickledPet, a premium brand of single-ingredient healthy dog treats, has announced the release of its latest treat, Cod Snacks. The new treat was previewed at the Global Pet Expo and received great feedback from pet owners, industry experts, and our four-pawed friends alike.

TickledPet Cod Snacks are made from 100% cod, using all parts of the fish that are left over after the fillets are taken out. This makes them a sustainable zero-waste treat that is healthy and nutritious for pets. Snorri Halldorsson, TickledPet’s Seafood Scientist and Production Director, explains, “Our Cod Snacks are made from sustainably-sourced cod, and we use all parts of the fish to make a delicious and nutritious treat for pets. As a seafood scientist, I’m excited to be a part of TickledPet’s commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing.”

What makes Cod Snacks unique is that they are human-grade and made in a human seafood plant. This ensures that the treats are of the highest quality and meet the same standards as the seafood that is consumed by humans.

Cod Snacks are also high in hydroxyapatite calcium, which is a highly absorbable form of calcium that is essential for strong bones and teeth. In addition, the Cod Snack contains the essential amino acids for dogs that are found in fish, roughly 13% of the cod snacks is essential amino acids, furthermore the treats contain 14% collagen. Snorri Halldorsson explains, “The hydroxyapatite calcium in our Cod Snacks is a fantastic addition to our already nutritious treat since its digestibility supports bone and teeth health.

Cod Snacks are high in protein and low in fat, making them an excellent choice for pets that are looking to maintain a healthy weight. Available in a 10oz bag, Cod Snacks provide great value for customers.

“We’re thrilled to see that our four-pawed friends love our new Cod Snacks just as much as their owners do,” said Snorri Halldorsson. “We’re proud to offer our customers a healthy, sustainable, and delicious treat for their pets. Our commitment to using all parts of the fish and minimizing waste is not only good for the environment, but it also allows us to offer our customers great value.”


TickledPet’s Cod Snacks are now available for purchase on its website and in select pet specialty stores. Visit for more information.



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