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8 Cat Toys to Drive Your Sales

Find the ones that will suit your kitties’ preferences.




WITH CATS’ FINICKY NATURE and different play needs, pet parents are more willing to try out a variety of toys, to find the ones that will suit their kitties’ preferences. Therefore, you’ll want to stock plenty of choices, from catnip-stuffed prey, to wands, kickers and high-tech, interactive options. We’ve selected some new releases across a range of types and price points.

Fluff & Tuff Guppy Fish

Fluff & Tuff

KEY FEATURES: Designed for dogs, but retailers and cat fans found cats loved it too; this squeaker-less stuffy has crossed over into cat territory.

SALES TIP: During the month of September, the company donates a toy to a shelter each time someone posts a pet pic with a Fluff & Tuff toy and the tag #igiveafluff., (248) 705-5601



Jackson Galaxy Hunting Instincts Kicker


KEY FEATURES: Satisfies cats’ natural instinct to kick, paired with realistic “ripping” sensations as they move in for the kill. Contains Jackson Galaxy branded organic catnip.

SALES TIP: Kicker toys are hot right now, and this is part of a new line of toys from the famed “cat whisperer.”, (877) PETMATE


Zoom Rotating Laser Cat Toy


KEY FEATURES: Two lasers that rotate 360 degrees around the toy’s base keep kitty busy. Perfect for multiple cat households. Quiet movements keep even the most skittish cats focused on the play.

SALES TIP: Automatically turns off after 15 minutes to preserve battery life and keep cats from being overstimulated., (866) 738-4379



Mad Cat Mewnicorn

R2P Pet

KEY FEATURES: The Mad Cat plush collection with crinckle inside includes some folklore favorites like this cheerful Mewnicorn, along with Gnome Sweet Gnome, Sassy Sasquatch and Yowlin Yeti, all in two-packs.

SALES TIP: Contains a blend of catnip and silvervine that is pesticidefree, to get the party started right., (877) 858-4321


Shimmer Glimmer Teaser Wand

Ethical Products

KEY FEATURES: Plush fish, butterfly and turtle, with shimmering accents in assorted colors, are interchangeable with the wand. The wand has a breakaway safety clip.

SALES TIP: Have fun mixing and matching the animal accessories., (800) 223-7768

$4.99 for the wand, $3.99 animals

Petlinks Sweet Tweet


KEY FEATURES: A roly-poly soft electronic sound toy that sings like a bird and has feathers to trigger cat’s hunting instinct. It’s prey that will have real songbirds singing a tune of relief.

SALES TIP: Keep some by the register for those impulse buys., (303) 623-3327



Pounce House


KEY FEATURES: Electronic feather wand inside mimics prey through random movements. Large side holes provide easy access for pouncing and batting through the openings.

SELLING TIP: Play the company’s YouTube channel in your store to show its toys in action., (800) 565-2695


Teacup Fluffs


KEY FEATURES: Teacup Fluffs for cats are cute, super squishy and stuffed with top-quality, organic, U.S.-grown catnip. Available in chipmunk, bunny and raccoon characters.

SELLING TIP: Animals so cute, you’ll feel bad letting kitty pounce on them., (802) 825-1145


After 15 years working for newspapers across the US (and even Alaska), Melissa Hart is now freelancing, working for a variety of publications and trade organizations. She specializes in content for the small nonprofit and business owner, in fields such as pets, IT, grocery and other retail. Melissa is based in Upstate NY with her husband, twin daughters, two rescue dogs and rescue cat.




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Cat Products

Lickable, Lapable, Crunchable or Munchable: 8 Treats Cats Will Love

Less is more in these new releases.




WHEN LOOKING AT cat treats, less is more in today’s new releases. Single-ingredient proteins and novel food sources are leading in this category. Also gaining ground are innovative products like lickable treats and novelty pet wines.

Bare Breasts

Bare Bites

KEY FEATURES: Made with a single ingredient: 100 percent dehydrated chicken breasts, sourced from and processed in USDA-inspected facilities. 6-ounce bag.

SALES TIP: Larger bag size works well for multi-cat households., (301) 401-2750


Tiki Cat Crunchers

Whitebridge Pet Brands

KEY FEATURES: Available in Tuna and Chicken flavors, these high-protein, grain-free treats have real meat as the first ingredient, along with pumpkin to promote digestion. Only 3 calories each. 2-ounce resealable bag.

SALES TIP: Star-shaped treats for superstar kitties., (866) 821-8562



Pinot Meow Cat Wine

Apollo Peak

KEY FEATURES: Scored first place in cat category in 2018 New Product Showcase at SuperZoo. Made in Colorado with filtered water, catnip extract and beet coloring. 5-ounce bottle.

SALES TIP: Because sometimes cats want to imbibe in liquid refreshments, too., (720) 675-8072


ORGANIX Organic Cat Treats – Chicken Recipe

Castor & Pollux

KEY FEATURES: All-natural treat features organic free-range chicken as No. 1 ingredient. Tastes great, no fillers, and less than 2 calories per tiny, drumstick-shaped cookie. 2-ounce bag.SALES TIP: There are few all-organic treats on the market, and this one is USDA-certified., (800) 875-7518


Catit Creamy Treats

Hagen USA

KEY FEATURES: A hydrating treat that’s eaten straight out of the tube or as a dry food topper. Three flavors, each comes with five half-ounce servings.

SALES TIP: Lickable treats are fairly new, so you may want to post images or video showing it in action., (800) 353-3444


Minnow Treats

Pure Bites

KEY FEATURES: Single ingredient: ocean-caught minnows fished in the U.S., which are chock-full of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. 1.09-ounce bag.

SALES TIP: Made using a gentle freeze-drying process that removes the water and preserves nutritional integrity., (888) 388-7873



Grain Free Buffalo Cat Treats

Holistic Health Extension

KEY FEATURES: Single-ingredient dried buffalo treats are made with a high-quality source of protein. 2-ounce bag.

SALES TIP: For free-range felines. Let customers know what’s not in the bag: soy, grains, artificial ingredients., (800) 992-9738


Carpius Maximus Carp Spears for Cats

Scout & Zoe’s

KEY FEATURES: Smoked carp caught in Kentucky waters and processed and packed in U.S. facility. 1.5-ounce bag.

SALES TIP: Carp is an invasive species that isn’t appealing to human taste buds but works as single-ingredient cat treat, putting “nuisance” fish to new use., (317) 457-7722


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Cat Products

9 Sleep Choices for Your Drowsy Cat



At the heart of choosing a cat bed is the pet parent knowing what his kitty prefers. Some cats like to cocoon; some would rather nap out in the open; others like to perch up high. All cats are territorial and like to stake out spaces of their own for sleep, which makes it important for them to have a safe place to nestle down into to meet their “kneads.” Here are a few to consider, with a range of materials, construction and styles.  



Who said beds had to be just for sleeping? Whether it’s taking kitty out of town, or giving her a place to perch as well as snooze, we’ve chosen a few for the practical pet owner who likes the idea of a bed that meets multiple needs. 


Key features: Does triple duty as a carrier, car seat and bed, with a zippered mesh top. Seven colors.

Sales tip: Crash-tested for safety, the pod has velcro that attaches to car seat belts. A separate warming kit can kick up the comfort., (626) 421-6818

EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod
K&H Manufacturing

Key features: Perch with two openings and bubble window that mounts with suction cups for hours of window viewing. 

Sales tip: Also popular is the half-pod, for easy in/out access.,  (877) 738-5188

Hauspanther Cubitat
Primetime Petz

Key features: Two tiered, open concept for easy entry and exit. 

Sales tip: Created by the founder of, with the idea that modern design and cat furniture can go hand in hand. (Think Ikea for cats.), (214) 257-8068

Super Snug

Since cats spend up to 18 hours a day sleeping, giving them a bed that they can snuggle into should likely rank high on pet parents’ wish list. These selections are so plush and cozy, you’ll want to curl up too. Pet tip: To help kitty transition into new sleeping quarters, place a familiar object in there, like her favorite toy or current sleeping mat.

Deluxe Donut Bed

Key features: Cats can nestle down into an 18-inch bed filled with eco-friendly recycled polyfill, with a non-skid bottom for stability.

Sales tip: Entire bed is machine washable. Affordable option, part of the Jackson Galaxy collection., (877) 738-6283

Petlinks Purr Heaven Cat Bed

Key features: High sides for extra privacy, machine washable, 17-by-17-by-9-inch size can accommodate any size cat.

Sales tip: Memory foam padding makes for a comfy cushion., (800) WORLDWISE 

Cat Cave
Pet Magasin

Key features: Fleece and foam padding with a microfiber shell and faux-fur trim make for a cozy cup for kitty to snuggle into, or stretch out on top.

Sales tip: Well-suited to meet a cat’s varying needs. Can hide away inside or relax on the outside of the bed.

Cozy Hideaways 

Much has been said about cat’s need to cocoon, to find a space they feel safe in and can observe and watch the world around them. These beds play into that instinct, creating comforting nests and playful retreats. And here’s an added bonus: It’s fun to watch kitty jump out and pounce on unsuspecting family members.

Pet Teepee 
P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You)

Key features: Four design choices. Comes with foam cushion with removable washable cover. 

Sales tip: Made of cotton canvas and pine wood poles for a true back-to-nature experience., (855) 300-7529


Cat Ball 
Cat Ball

Key features: Playful hexagonal shape with two openings. Machine washable.

Sales tip: Many colorful fabric choices will appeal to a range of customers. Check out the fun shark model., (425) 954-5690


Wool Cat Cave
Walking Palm

Key features: Wool beds have been enjoying popularity recently, and these are made with soft merino wool, available in 19 color combinations.

Sales tip: Handcrafted, natural and still affordable.

This article originally appeared in the July-August 2017 edition of PETS+.

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Cat Products

9 Solutions for Reducing Flea and Tick Problems for Felines



No matter where you live in the United States, pesky biting insects are around at least part of the year, resulting in big business for flea and tick products. According to market researcher Packaged Facts, 74 percent of dog and cat owners buy them. While many products are designed especially for dogs, it’s important not to leave kitty hanging, or scratching. 


Goin’ Green 

There’s a growing segment of pet-owning population who are turned off by the idea of squeezing chemicals on their cat’s neck, who at the same time don’t want to share their home with fleas. Alternative solutions — made from botanicals and essential oils — are gaining ground and manufacturers boast they’re as good as the traditional products.

Green tick products for cats

Flea + Tick Home and Go 

Key features: A plant-based formula with peppermint oil and clove. Safe to use directly on cats and kittens 12 weeks and older. Kills fleas, flea eggs and ticks on contact. Also repels mosquitoes.

Sales tip: A purse-size bottle for on-the-go insect control., (214) 442-7149

Flea & Tick Control Pets + Home

Key features: Can be used on dogs and cats, as well as household surfaces.

Sales tip: This company has been riding a wave of buzz after a recent appearance on Shark Tank. Ideal for the chemical-adverse customer., (877) 896-7426

No Flea Carpet Crystals

Key features: Dry crystal powder works on carpet and upholstery to kill and prevent fleas. (Not for use on pets).

Sales tip: A 2-pound container should last one year in average home., (888) 628-8783

Talkin’ Topical 

Spot on: Applicator products are still the main squeeze, to the tune of 68 percent of cat owners who used flea/tick control in 2016, according to Packaged Facts market research. Brands like Advantage and Frontline have been dominating the market for years, a status being challenged by more products entering the field. Here are a few examples of what’s out there. 

Topical tick products for cats

Seresto for Cats

Key features: An alternative to the spot-on treatments, this flea and tick preventive collar lasts up to eight months. Highly rated in the field of collars.

Sales tip: No need to remember monthly applications. Odorless, mess-free., (800) 255-6517

Pet Armor FastCaps

Key features: Oral medication with nitenpyram, which kills adult fleas right away, but which functions only as a short-term solution, as the medicine is out of cat’s system in 24 hours.

Sales tip: Ideal for situations such as boarding and traveling., (855) ASK-FIDO

Natural Chemistry DeFlea Shampoo

Key features: Kills fleas, ticks, lice and mites on contact without the use of pyrethrin-based pesticides. Safe for pregnant/nursing females, kittens, and with other flea and tick products.

Sales tip: Also available in an all-natural formula., (800) 592-0619

Fightin’ Back

Once fleas and ticks start a hoppin’, your customers are going to come a-knockin’, desperate for solutions on how to combat those tiny vampires. That’s where you’ll be ready, with a selection of collars, pills, shampoos and more. With so many products to choose from, we’ve selected a few with high ratings and solid track records, to help give you a place to start.

Tick products for cats

Ceva Animal Health (exclusively available through H&C Animal Health)

Key features: Features active ingredients dinotefuran, fipronil and pyriproxyfen, which take on the flea in all stages of life cycle. 

Sales tip: This product gets to work killing fleas and ticks within six hours after applying., (855) 726-1856

Bio Spot
Central Garden & Pet

Key features: Available in one-, three and six-month packs.

Sales tip: Cleans up well, killing fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and deer ticks, and mosquitoes for an added bonus., (800) 234-2269

Sentry Fiproguard Plus
Perrigo Animal Health

Key features: Uses fipronil to kill adult fleas and ticks, along with (s)-methoprene to prevent eggs and larvae from growing.

Sales tip: When Frontline went off-patent, it opened doors for lower-cost versions like this., (800) 224-PETS


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